Case Study

Banco Da Amazonia

Quick Wins for IT

  • Automated and operationalized services
  • Moved from level one maturity to level three maturity
  • Customized unique features
  • Substantially improved service assistance

The Challenge

Banco da Amazonia is the primary federal financial development institution of Brazil, with the mission of promoting the development of the Amazon region. Since the 1940’s, Banco da Amazonia has been enriching the region economically, environmentally, and socially through a philosophy of sustainable development through conscious entrepreneurship. Amazonia supports research and develops credit, accounting for more than 60% of long-term credit in the region. The Bank interacts with various bodies linked to federal, state, and municipal governments through partnerships with Sebrae (an agency that supports micro and small enterprises), universities, non-governmental organizations related to sustainable development, and a variety of businesses and small farms.

As Banco da Amazonia matured, IT operations did not advance enough to match. The previous internally developed solution proved deficient in automating processes and controls for service governance, as well as usage and publication of results. Furthermore, a lack of flexibility lead to difficult support and customization solutions. Banco da Amazonia realized they needed an IT service management solution strapped with robust automation and customizable features to support their improved operations.

The Solution

Enabled by Cherwell® Service Management, Banco da Amazonia began automating operational processes and controls and integrated them with local systems according to guidelines established by Banco da Amazonia’s IT governance project. In five months, Banco da Amazonia implemented Incident Management, Service Request, Configuration Management, CMBD, Event Management, and SLA Management. “After contracting Business Station for implementation of Cherwell Service Management and IT processes and controls, the improvement in service assistance was substantial, with our users expressing satisfaction in terms of attending to their needs,” said Glauccyo Heleno Alves, coordinator at Banco da Amazonia.

Banco Da Amazonia

Four months later, garnering IT maturity, Banco da Amazonia developed the second phase of Cherwell Service Management, in which they implemented Problem Management, Change Management, and Release Management. Alves commented, “We are working with indicators; processes related to problems, changes, and releases; and have moved on to use the knowledge base, reducing rework and unavailability of services, and attacking the root causes.”

"After contracting Business Station for Implementation of Cherwell Service Management and IT processes and controls, the improvement in service assistance was substantial, with our users expressing satisfaction in terms of attending to their needs." - Glauccyo Heleno Alves - Coordinator, Banco da Amazonia

The Results

Since implementing Cherwell, Banco da Amazonia has made significant improvements in IT bank management, through the automation and operationalization of services, processes, and controls provided to end users. Banco da Amazonia now boasts a professional services center.

According to ITIL v3, Banco da Amazonia successfully elevated its maturity. With Cherwell Service Management, Alves explained, “Our maturity level has grown from one to three, and today we can count on learning from historical requests, leveling of knowledge, a reduction of overall number of calls, and better integration between departments, since requests now include more information to help the departments resolve calls.”

About Business Station

Business Station is Cherwell Software’s oldest distributor and the leading technology integrator in Brazil, providing solutions that support, organize, control, and monitor business processes. We drive business results for our clients through IT service management best practices. Specializing in ITIL, COBIT and PMBOK, we bring modern, innovative technologies and efficient processes to Brazil.

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