Case Study


  • Improved asset management saves $150,000 per year
  • Multiple reports reduced to a single report

The Challenge

Online competition has retailers across all industries struggling to keep their brick and mortar stores open. GNC, a leading global specialty retailer of health and wellness products, is no stranger to this challenge with its 4,000-plus US retail locations. One way GNC is addressing this challenge is with a solid enterprise service management strategy that helps streamline operations.

GNC was operating on a homegrown ticketing system that had been developed 20 years prior and could no longer be changed or edited. There were also two separate ticket management systems – one for the stores and one for corporate - which added complexity. IT leadership knew it was time for a change. And with only one GNC Cherwell administrator responsible for developing, reporting and creating dashboards, there was no question that the ITSM solution had to be easy to use.

“Enterprise service management is the whole company working together for better solutions and better results, and Cherwell supports us in achieving that.”
-Miranda Merilli, Data Analyst, GNC

Managing Assets

GNC evaluated three vendors and chose Cherwell for two reasons. The Cherwell solution can be customized to meet the retail-specific needs of GNC, and it is easy to develop. GNC started out with Cherwell for incident and change management; and for service requests and knowledge base, all of which have improved overall IT processes. For example, the new-hire process automatically creates new-hire tickets and includes the badge process, granting access to the building and specific floors. And because everything is together, users only need to go into one tool for tickets and incident trends can be tracked.

One of the most important uses that’s emerged for the company is asset management. GNC is building a configuration management database (CMDB) to track equipment across its 4,000 stores. These assets include registers, pin pads, auxiliary printers and tablets, all of which can total up to 60 pieces per store. Prior to Cherwell, when a store’s internet went down, a temporary device would be sent out to get the store back up and running, but GNC IT had no way of tracking those devices. Today, all of those devices, which cost $1,600 each, are registered and tracked in Cherwell. GNC estimates it saves $150,000 a year with just this one improvement to its asset management.

Cherwell is being leveraged outside of traditional IT for HR and security. It’s also improving loss prevention practices, which are critically important in a retail environment. The loss prevention team creates and tracks tickets in Cherwell and keeps tabs on people entering and leaving GNC buildings by monitoring employee badges.

"Cherwell helps us in the retail environment in a big way. Having over 4,000 stores, the biggest benefit of using Cherwell for GNC is visibility. We can see our stores and we can see the issues that all of the stores are having." - Miranda Merilli, Data Analyst, GNC

A Clear Picture

Cherwell is eliminating a lot of headaches for the lone GNC Cherwell administrator who reports that it’s ‘easier to do everything,’ on a day-to-day basis. This includes tracking tickets and reporting problems. And where, in the past, IT had to pull multiple reports just to get one end result, today they get everything they need from a single report.

One of the biggest advantages for GNC using Cherwell is visibility into its retail stores, seeing all of the equipment and monitoring any issues at those sites. Third-party integrations are key to this functionality, automatically creating tickets and alerting on-call personnel who deal with emerging situations.

"We chose Cherwell over all other vendors because of the ease of use, the ease of automation and being able to develop it when we want, how we want. The other tools just couldn’t do that."

- Miranda Merilli, Data Analyst, GNC

Business Impact

  • Comprehensive ITSM strategy that provides visibility into 4,000 retail stores
  • Cost savings through better asset management and loss prevention
  • Reduced administration burden for IT

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