Case Study

Jenny Craig

Decrease in mean time to close
Reduction in time spent on priority three issues
IT tickets managed per month

Quick Wins for IT

  • Implemented Cherwell Service Management within two months of purchase
  • Slashed time to resolve priority three issues 79%
  • Decreased “mean time to close” from 57 hours to 30 hours
  • Skyrocketed customer satisfaction ratings from 62% to 96%

The Challenge

Curves® and Jenny Craig® operate 7,000 Curves clubs and franchises globally and 400 Jenny Craig locations supported by IT service desks in California, Texas, and Australia. The two organizations combined to form Curves / Jenny Craig in November 2013. Outdated systems, known internally as “the black hole,” plagued Jenny Craig with inefficient processes and created a lack of accountability. For example, records could not be categorized or prioritized properly, tracked by date or owner, and they could be intentionally hidden in an ambiguous status. Without visibility, Jenny Craig had no way to quantify the impact of their customer service. Mary Carter, manager of IT service, summed it up, “We had no reporting prior to Cherwell® Service Management.” Curves was in even worse shape as they logged tickets in an Excel® spreadsheet.

Curves / Jenny Craig knew they had to whip their own IT and customer service capabilities into shape—just like they help their customers transform their lives and improve their health. They required a modern, cloud-based ITSM solution that could rapidly scale. Cherwell Service Management was selected and first went live in Jenny Craig’s IT department. Cherwell’s ease of implementation enabled the combined IT team to roll out the new tool in three IT departments and customer care centers, providing much needed management visibility and accountability.

The Solution

With the help of Cherwell Partner, Avante™ Solutions, Curves / Jenny Craig quickly deployed Cherwell Service Management. “The easier we could make it on our infrastructure and our systems engineering team, the better. Going live was a piece of cake,” explained Jamie Houlihan, the director of IT and customer care for Curves / Jenny Craig. “Both IT and non-technical customer care agents took to it like a duck to water—very little training was really needed.”

Curves / Jenny Craig takes advantage of Cherwell Service Management workflows to automate tasks—for example, automatically emailing customers when their ticket status changes, associating incidents with the same root cause so that closing the original ticket closes all associated tickets and notifies affected customers, etc. “Cherwell Service Management’s workflow automation enables us to efficiently respond to 4,000–6,000 IT tickets in North America per month,” said Houlihan.

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Additionally, everyone from service desk agents to the CEO can see a real-time view of opened tickets. “We now monitor KPIs daily,” explained Carter. “We better identify service deficiencies, more quickly address process or training issues, and demonstrate value in service and business terms.” Houlihan also cites dashboard information and insight to best practices as a key to their customer care success. “It’s created incredible visibility we didn’t have before. The entire team now works as a cohesive group, and it’s raised the quality of our work.”

"We better identify service deficiencies, more quickly address process or training issues, and demonstrate value in service and business terms...It’s created incredible visibility we didn’t have before. The entire team now works as a cohesive group, and it’s raised the quality of our work." - Jamie Houlihan - Director of IT and Customer Care

The Results

Enabled by Cherwell, Curves / Jenny Craig has decreased their mean time to close by 48 percent (from 57 to 30 hours). Priority three issues, typically sent to developers, have decreased 79 percent (from 70 to 15 hours), saving tens of thousands of dollars a year. As a result of efficiency improvements, the business’ perception of the service desk has improved. “We don’t have a lot of historical metrics, but we inherently knew things were bad and that our customers deserved better,” said Houlihan.

Leveraging Cherwell’s built-in survey feature, Curves / Jenny Craig rates customer satisfaction on four key points (timely service, agent knowledge, courtesy, and overall satisfaction), making up the Curves / Jenny Craig “perfect score index.” Houlihan explained, “We live and breathe by these surveys. We have to make sure the customer had a good experience. Since we’ve implemented Cherwell Service Management, customer satisfaction scores have risen from 62 percent to 96 percent.'

The Future

Curves / Jenny Craig is implementing Cherwell Service Management in the facilities department and the supply chain team to schedule services and to track purchase orders, respectively. They plan to deploy the platform into more departments as well. Recently, human resources requested to use Cherwell Service Management to manage employee queries regarding pay, benefits, and PTO. Furthermore, Curves / Jenny Craig plans to consolidate all of their international Curves community into Cherwell. “As more people use Cherwell Service Management, word spreads and more departments want to use it to meet their business objectives,” said Houlihan.

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