Case Study

Laramie County School District

Schools Supported
Day Implementation
Incidents and requests closed in 6 weeks

Quick Wins for IT

  • Configured for facilities and launched in 34 days
  • Streamlined processes
  • Initiated tracking and dashboards
  • Improved efficiencies in multiple departments

The Challenge

With an enrollment of 13,000 students, Laramie County School District #1 is the largest school district in Wyoming. The school district covers 1,592 square miles in southeast Wyoming, including three rural elementary schools, 24 city elementary schools, three junior highs, three high schools, and one alternative high school. Each school has one technology lead.

As Laramie County School District prepared to implement a new ERP system, SunGard®, they turned to Cherwell®Service Management to complement SunGard, which lacked a ticketing system for managing facilities work orders. Cherwell Service Management was so robust that the school district also replaced their existing service desk solution so the IT team could easily implement Change Management, Knowledge Management, Configuration Management, and other ITIL® processes.

"If you can shop online, you can use Cherwell Service Management." - Laurie Hammond

The Solution

The Cherwell Service Management platform launched January 1, 2014. Initial efforts focused primarily on creating a work order management system for the facilities department. MNCL, a Cherwell Partner™, modified the Cherwell Service Management platform to manage fleet vehicles, playground equipment inspections, custodial equipment, vandalism reports, student accidents, preventative maintenance plans, and more. Processes were completed in a mere 34 days. “Cherwell Service Management was so configurable that we were able to make it work for facilities,” said Laurie Hammond, computer operator at Laramie County School District #1.

Service desk system analyst Ed Finch created unique dashboards and configurations for five specialized IT teams. “I’m amazed by the things I can do without writing any code. I can’t find anything I can’t do. It just works,” remarked Mr. Finch, who is accustomed to traditional, cost-based software development.

Classroom with children raising their hands

The Results

Cherwell Service Management has enhanced the way the school district conducts business, saving time and resources while accelerating response times. For example, parents now register their children for school online instead of going to the school to fill out a pile of paperwork. Naturally, service desk calls spiked during this period. With One-Step™ business automations, the IT team tracked and closed 3,400 incidents and requests during the peak registration period (six weeks) and analyzed the data to make changes for next year’s registration.

Additionally, the facilities department purchased tablets and laptops for employees to take into the field. Cherwell Service Management’s intuitive design enabled non-IT employees to manage and close their work orders throughout the day instead of bringing paperwork back to the home office, a worthwhile time saver. “If you can shop online, you can use Cherwell Service Management,” said Finch. Furthermore, facilities employees have taken pictures in the field and attached them to work orders, which has reduced confusion.

The Future

The ITIL-trained IT staff is implementing Knowledge Management, methodically adding knowledge articles before launching to end users. The team also plans to implement Change Management and Configuration Management. “Cherwell Service Management is so easy to configure without writing code that the possibilities are endless,” reports Finch. “We’ll implement Cherwell Service Management in more and more departments and already have requests from the transportation department and the nutrition department.”

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