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Cherwell Virtual Agent


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Cherwell Virtual Agent (CVA) improves employee productivity and speeds up incident resolution by translating often-imprecise user requests with AI-driven intelligence to trigger the right action or a drop down of possible actions.

Challenge: Businesses Need to Elevate Employee Experience

While businesses have recognized customer experience as a critical success factor for some time, in recent years more and more are turning their focus to employee experience. Forrester Research has stated that the impact of employee experience on the bottom line is “undeniable,” and that ignoring employee experience is "perilous."

Key to creating a positive experience for employees is to provide them with intuitive tools that both boost productivity and make the work more enjoyable. Virtual assistants, virtual agents, and conversational user interfaces have emerged as a critical technology in this space. These solutions are being adopted rapidly. It is estimated that as many as ¼ of all digital workers will make daily use of a virtual assistant within the next two years.

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Ivanti Acquires Cherwell to Deliver Personalized Employee Experiences in the Everywhere Workplace