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Has your experience with your existing service management provider turned out to be different than what you expected?

When you made the decision to go with your current provider, you probably expected simple pricing, product innovation, and a commitment to IT Service Management. But you may now be wondering if your current provider is the right solution for you, especially if you find yourself asking any of these questions:

  • How much will my pricing increase at renewal? Will the pricing model change? Will I be “nickeled and dimed?”
  • Have product upgrades been challenging? Have upgrades broken my prior customizations? Have promised enhancements been worth the inconvenience of any upgrades?
  • Has my account manager been taking care of me? Do they understand my business challenges? Does doing business with a software vendor have to be so hard?

Cherwell is offering an ITSM Rescue Program that may allow you to replace your existing solution at a significant savings over your current costs. With Cherwell, you will:

  • Work with people that put you first.
  • Enjoy seamless upgrades that don’t break your customizations.
  • Do business your way, with predictable costs.

Experience the Cherwell approach to customer service and let us show you how to significantly reduce your ongoing costs. Contact us for a demo or a price quote. Switch to Cherwell, you’ll be glad that you did.

Craig Harper
Craig Harper
President, Cherwell Software

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