20 EMEA-Based Tech Experts to Follow to Inspire Your Digital Transformation Efforts

Posted by on March 15, 2018

20 EMEA-Based Tech Experts to Follow to Inspire Your Digital Transformation Efforts

For the last two decades, our world has been on journey through the digital wilderness. But, as we all know, the course has changed dramatically.

We’ve entered the age of accelerating digital transformation and business leaders—especially those in tech and IT—are facing increasing pressure to not just keep up, but also get ahead of the curve to survive and thrive into the future.

As a result, business leaders from across departments understand it’s time to evolve beyond silos and work together to drive innovation and business value—or risk extinction.

But where does this evolution start?

From our perspective, some of the best inspiration and guidance can be found amongst longtime tech leaders, enthusiasts, and practitioners.

Last year, we brought you 25 IT and ITSM leaders from around the globe to look to for insight, best practices, and top trends. This year, we bring you a new list with a twist.

From longtime ITSM practitioners to a handful of experts in tech management and leadership, we’ve rounded up 20 EMEA-based experts who have experience in the trenches of digital transformation or expertise in emerging technologies. Why EMEA? That’s the twist.

The Experts

1. James Finister

Global ITSM Strategist, Tata Consulting Services (TCS)

James FinisterJames Finister, who was featured on last year’s list, has been involved with ITIL for more than 25 years. In fact, he actually developed some of the earliest ITIL training courses, and he’s a co-opted member of the ISO working groups for the development of both ISO/IEC 20000 and ISO38500. James is also an in-demand speaker at international industry events. As Global ITSM Strategist for TCS, he’s responsible for market analysis and vendor interaction, TCS’s global ITSM consulting portfolio, and developing TCS’s thought leadership and analyst relations. Follow James on LinkedIn or Twitter.

2. Marlon Molina

Director of UDIMA-IDG for Digital Transformation, IDG Communications España

Marlon MolinaMarlon Molina is a computer science engineer who’s passionate about seeing and understanding how people, societies, and organizations are being transformed by technology. He regularly invited to share expertise at forums, conferences, universities, and working sessions for large businesses that are immersed in digital transformation and internal innovation. Marlon is active on Twitter, often tweeting on digital transformation and disruption in both Spanish and English. Follow Marlon on LinkedIn or Twitter.

3. Mark McArdle

Director – CIO Advisory, PwC

Mark McArdleFor more than 25 years, Mark McArdle has been working on cloud and IT-enabled transformation projects for a range of organizations across the government and private sector. His specialties include IT cost and value transformation, IT strategy, service innovation, and performance management. As Mark describes himself: he’s a “bottom-lined oriented businessman” who thrives on opportunities to drive people, process, partners, and technology—and someone forward-thinking business leaders inside and outside of IT can definitely look to for insight. Follow Mark on LinkedIn or Twitter.

4. Stuart Rance

Owner and ITSM Consultant, Optimal Service Management

Stuart RanceStuart Rance, someone we’ve had the pleasure of working with before, is an ITSM consultant, business owner, trainer, and author who boasts nearly four decades of experience in the technology realm. Stuart is also a Chartered Fellow of BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT (FBCS CITP), and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). In addition, he’s written more than 100 blogs and white papers since beginning his own consultancy at the end of 2013. Follow Stuart on LinkedIn or Twitter.

5. Paul Wilkinson

Director and Owner, Gamingworks

Paul WilkinsonFor more than 25 years, Paul Wilkinson has been involved in the IT industry. In fact, he was a project team lead in the original BITE process modeling of ITIL, as well as an ITIL V2 author and member of the ITIL V3 advisory group. Since 2003, Paul has co-owned Gamingworks and works to develop a range of business simulations focused on ITSM, project management, business process management, business and IT alignment—and the list goes on. In addition, Paul is also a recognized speaker at international ITSM and IT best practices conferences and events. Follow Paul on LinkedIn or Twitter.

6. Claire Agutter

Director, Scopism

Claire AgutterSomeone else you’ll recognize from last year’s list and our IT Service Management 2020 eBook is Claire Agutter. Claire is an ITSM professional and online education specialist and the Director of Scopism, a consultancy that helps IT service management professionals keep pace with trends and maintain their talents. In 2017, she was named one of the Top 25 Thought Leaders in Technical Support and Service Management by HDI and also received the itSMF UK Thought Leadership Award. Finally, Claire often shares her expertise through guest blogging and has a number of certifications from AXELOS, the DevOps Institute, and others. Follow Claire on LinkedIn or Twitter.

7. Tony Price

Principal Consultant EMEA, Virtual Clarity

Tony PriceTony Price has a whopping 30-plus years of experience in the ITSM industry, working on large-scale global transformation programs across industry sectors. As of late, Tony has become a strong advocate and practitioner of IT4IT—which he calls the “missing link” for its emphasis on reference architecture and value-based thinking, and more prescriptive approach to “running the business” of IT. Follow Tony on LinkedIn or Twitter.

8. Stephen Mann

Principal Analyst and Content Director, ITSM.Tools

Stephen MannStephen Mann, who made an appearance on last year’s list, has been working in the IT industry for 27 years, holding positions with Tata Consultancy Service and Forrester Research. In July 2016, he joined the team at ITSM.Tools—an ITSM-focused analyst firm—as a Principal Analyst and Content Director just before the firm made its public debut. While Stephen mostly shares his expertise and knowledge through ghostwriting, he regularly shares insights and helpful content on social media, and can be found at industry events. Follow Stephen on LinkedIn or Twitter.

9. Ollie O'Donoghue

Research Director, HfS Research

Ollie O'DonoghueWhile Ollie O’Donoghue studied history at the University of Kent, he found his way into the ITSM field, holding analyst positions at the Kent County Council and then The Service Desk Institute (SDI). In April of 2017, Ollie joined HfS Research where he’s grown into the Research Director position. Ollie was also featured on last year’s ITSM experts list and shared his perspectives on how ITSM can adapt to meet new business demands in our IT Service Management 2020 eBook. Follow Ollie on LinkedIn or Twitter.

10. Aldo Ceccarelli

CIO and Business Process Expert, SEDAMYL SPA

Aldo CeccarelliRecently ranked as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Chief Information Technology Officers, Aldo Ceccarelli has been an IT executive for more than 25 years. In his current position as CIO and Business Process Expert at SEDAMYL SPA, Aldo is dedicated to ensuring innovation happens in real-time, and making IT assets and services more flexible. He’s active on LinkedIn, not just sharing links the latest IT and cloud computing news, but also his main takeaways from what’s happening in the tech space. Follow Aldo on LinkedIn and Twitter.

11. Brigette Hyacinth

Keynote speaker, author, founder of MBA Caribbean Organisation

Brigette HyacinthA keynote speaker and author of four books, Brigette Hyacinth is one of the more non-traditional additions to this list. While she’s not a techie, she’s expert in leadership and management, and has authored a book on the rise of AI, robotics, and automation. As the founder of MBA Caribbean Organisation, her organization provides seminars and workshops in leadership, management, and education. In addition, her writings are grounded in helping business leaders and their teams find success, as well as how the rise of AI, robotics, and automation will impact the future—something very top-of-mind for all business leaders in the age of digital transformation. Follow Brigette on LinkedIn or Twitter.

12. Ian Moyse

UK Sales Director, Natterbox Limited

Ian MoyseWhile Ian Moyse isn’t a traditional tech leader, he has decades of sales, marketing, and leadership experience and has spent 14 “passionate” years in computing and cloud software. He’s also an experienced keynote speaker and has contributed guest blogs to Oracle, Equinix, Cloudtech, and others. His expertise lies in removing obstacles and “identifying and recruiting appropriate channels for market growth,” making him a great source of inspiration for service management teams and other business leaders looking to seize opportunities and enhance cross-department collaboration. Follow Ian on LinkedIn or Twitter.

13. Barclay Rae

Owner, Barclay Rae Consulting; CEO, ITSMF UK

Barclay RaeSince the early 1990s, Barclay Rae—another familiar face from last year’s list—has been working as a management consultant. During his career, he’s worked on more than 500 service improvement projects, with many of them focused on IT service management. Currently, Barclay owns his own consultancy and is the CEO of ITSMF UK, where he’s helping develop new services and partnerships that reflect professionalism in service management. Follow Barclay on LinkedIn or Twitter.

14. Massimiliano Gattoni

Chief Innovation and Digital Officer and Head of Special Projects, OpEn Fiber

Massimiliano GattoniMassimiliano Gattoni is a veteran innovation and technology executive, boasting more than 20 years of experience in digital transformation, digital strategy, and bringing business, technology, and operations into alignment. In his current role as Chief Innovation and Digital Officer and Head of Special Projects for OpEn Fiber, a telecommunications company based in Italy, Massimiliano is focused on designing and defining the future of business strategy and leading the digital and innovation agenda for the company. Before joining OpEn Fiber, he was with Microsoft as an Enterprise Architect and Digital Transformation Senior Advisor. On social media, Massimiliano shares content and thoughts around digital transformation, AI, tools, analytics, and tech trends. Follow Massimiliano on LinkedIn or Twitter.

15. Jason Noble

Customer Success Director, Goodlord

Jason NobleWith more than 20 years of customer success and SaaS experience, Jason Noble has spent much of his career working to transform the vision of service delivery. Working at the director and board level, he aims to innovate and align technology functions with services, customers, and business strategies. When it comes to digital transformation, Jason provides unique insight on how and why organizations should put the focus back on the customer. As he wrote in a LinkedIn Pulse piece—which was part of a blog series for The Service Desk & IT Support Show: “Technology itself is not the real disruptor or change agent. Not having the customer at the heart of your business is your biggest threat—and a this is the essence of what digital transformation is.” Follow Jason on LinkedIn or Twitter.

16. Kaimar Karu

President, itSMF Estonia

Kaimar KaruWith more than two decades of experience, Kaimar Karu has a diverse IT resume that includes working for startups and recognizable brands such as Skype and Oracle. At one time, he also managed the ITIL framework for “Her Majesty’s Government” at AXELOS Global Best Practice. His passion for helping people learn and helping organizations continually improve service—not to mention his background in IT and service management—make him a person worthy of following and engaging on social. Follow Kaimar on LinkedIn or Twitter.

17. Sophie Danby

ITSM Marketing Consultant, Socommunity Ltd.

Sophie DanbySophie Danby was a unique addition to last year’s list and we had to include her again this year. Specializing in ITSM consulting from a marketing perspective, she calls herself a “vocal and collaborative member of the international ITSM community.” She’s also been an Associate Marketing Consultant with for nearly two years. In addition, she often lends her insights and expertise through various publications and social media. In fact, last year she shared her thoughts on the rise of the customer experience, automation, and enterprise service management in our IT Service Management 2020 eBook. Follow Sophie on LinkedIn or Twitter.

18. Chris Matchett

Principal Research Analyst, Gartner

Chris MatchettFor nearly five years, Chris Matchett has been working as a Principal Research Analyst on Gartner’s IT Operations Management Team—giving him incredible insights into IT service desk and IT service support management trends, tools, and processes. In addition, Chris holds several industry certifications from APMG International including: ITIL Expert, ITIL Managers Certificate, and ITIL Service Level Management Practitioner. Follow Chris on LinkedIn or Twitter.

19. Rebecca Beach

Associate Analyst,; ITSM Digital Marketing Specialist, Dimity Consulting Ltd.

Rebecca BeachLike Sophie, Rebecca Beach plays in the ITSM marketing arena. Specifically, through her work at Dimity Consulting Ltd., she focuses on helping service management companies and individuals to connect with audiences and communities through content and marketing programs. In addition to her marketing role with Dimity, she’s also been an Associate Analyst with for just over a year and a half. Follow Rebecca on LinkedIn or Twitter.

20. Martin Kulov

President, Association of Software Engineers

Martin KulovMartin Kulov is the founder of both DevReach and the Association of Software Engineers in Bulgaria, and has also been named a MVP for Visual Studio ALM more than 10 times. While Martin specializes in software development and technology education, he can be a great source of inspiration for leaders looking to efficiently deliver software solutions. In addition to his role as the President within the Association of Software Engineers, Martin is also a Managing Partner for RETiDoc and the Dynatrace Country Manager for PROVICE Informatika Kft. Follow Martin on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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Inspire Your Digital Transformation Efforts

In this fast-paced age of digital transformation, these 20 individuals can be a social media beacon of insight and information to inspire you efforts to learn, adapt, and evolve. Follow them. Learn from them. Engage with them. And share who you look to for insights and trends in the comments section below.

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