5 Focus Areas for Evolving Your ITSM Strategy to Drive Business Growth

Posted by on April 18, 2017

5 Focus Areas for Evolving Your ITSM Strategy to Drive Business

The current digital transformation is rapidly changing the business landscape, allowing IT departments the opportunity to come out of the service desk shadow and evolve into leaders driving valuable initiatives that contribute to company growth.

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Cherwell and many leading IT experts agree that you should align your approach to ITSM with business goals for future success. But where do you start?

Inspired by the insights 15 IT leaders shared in our new IT Service Management 2020 e-book, this infographic will help you proactively focus your efforts to evolve ITSM strategy into a business driver by:

  • Transforming processes and technology
  • Eliminating business silos
  • Enhancing agility, speed and efficiency
  • Driving business objectives and value
  • Focusing on customer experience


Ready to Grow?

IT departments with proactive and agile ITSM strategies possess the power to align the right processes, technology, and people with business needs and objectives.

If you’re ready to grow your department into a catalyst for driving business growth, read these experts’ full insights in the IT Service Management 2020 e-book.

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