8 Tech & IT Experts Share Tips for Navigating Digital Transformation

Posted by on April 16, 2018


Thanks to rapid innovation and increasing pressure to meet modern customer expectations, forward-thinking organizations recognize that digital transformation is key to survival . But let’s face it. It’s a jungle out there—and there’s no clear-cut path.

Naturally, IT leaders and their departments can play a pivotal role in helping their organizations navigate the rough terrain. But in order to rise as strategic leaders, it’s time to adapt to your new surroundings. And Cherwell wants to help you on your journey.

We asked eight EMEA-based digital transformation experts to give their top tips and insights on how IT leaders and practitioners can become more strategic business partners in the age of digital transformation. In the slideshare below, we share what they had to say.

Common themes that surfaced include:

  • Eliminating business silos to foster collaboration and alignment
  • Focusing internal and external customer centricity
  • Challenging traditional IT roles and norms

Meet the Experts Behind the Insights

Our incredible panel of digital transformation experts includes tech and IT practitioners, strategists, and analysts. Those experts are:

  1. Roy Illsley, Principal Analyst, Ovum
  2. Claire Agutter, Director, Scopism
  3. Ian Moyse, Cloud Thought Leader & Director at Cloud Telephony Provider Natterbox
  4. James Finister, Global ITSM Strategist, Tata Consultancy Services
  5. Ollie O’Donoghue, Research Director of IT Services, HfS Research
  6. Stephen Mann, Principal Analyst and Content Director,
  7. Marlon Molina, Director of UDIMA-IDG for Digital Transformation, IDG Communications España
  8. Adam Holtby, Senior Research Analyst, Ovum

Survive & Thrive in the Digital Transformation Jungle

Now is the time to position yourself as a natural leader so you can successfully guide your organization through the digital wilderness. We hope this slideshare can be a helpful guide.