Introducing Action Blocks

Posted by on September 14, 2020

Forrester Automation Framework

We are excited to introduce Action Blocks with version 10.1 of Cherwell Service Management. A major enhancement to Cherwell CORE, our no-code workflow platform, Action Blocks brings automated workflow actions together into a single reusable block to simplify development and integration. These blocks combine previously separate steps necessary to accomplish complex tasks, such as integrating with an Application Programming Interface (API).

Now you can use a single Action Block to call the various APIs to get data, run actions, set authentication information, and perform other tasks that previously would have been individual steps. Among other benefits, this approach enables updates to your environment not tied to platform releases. This simplifies and accelerates integration both for you and for the partners with whom you are integrating.

Simplifying Workflow Management

Action blocks makes it easy to create and deploy reusable automation workflows. With these reusable blocks, developers combine the separate steps making up a workflow into a single, callable action. That reusable action can then be adapted (along with its component parts) to solve other business problems—that is, to manage similar or related workflows. Action Blocks turn highly complex, multistep integrations into a single reusable component.

Bringing single steps together into “blocks” of actions saves time and dramatically enhances efficiency, providing a remedy to the standard complaint that complex tasks such as integrations are too time consuming. Action Blocks provide an accelerated path to expanding, tweaking, and replicating complex workflows across the business. Reusable workflows enable you to meet ever more sophisticated business requirements, without having to start from scratch. 

The new Action Blocks feature leverages the no-code Cherwell automation engine, which already simplifies automating workflows for a wide variety of use cases. Action Blocks provides an important new tool in the no-code development toolkit. Users can already easily configure their current environment, create new business objects, or create whole new applications using the codeless Cherwell CORE platform. Action Blocks now provide an important intermediate step between individual automations and full applications, enabling accelerated development for any use case. 

Driving Business Value

Cherwell solutions drive value for your business in the three ways listed in the diagram above. Action Blocks helps your organization to achieve IT operational maturity and efficiency by streamlining API integrations, reducing the time it takes to consume, build, and maintain integrations. You can now manage integrations directly within a reusable action block by way of an HTTP request from within a One-Step automation.

Action Blocks also helps your organization drive business results through IT by packaging One-Step automations together in a single block. This simplifies the process of combining automated steps to perform a single task. With Action Blocks, you can save development time by packaging common sequences of tasks together for reuse.

This streamlined approach has a compounding effect as action blocks are shared within your organization. When a new business problem requires a similar set of steps to an existing workflow, or integration with a technology already in use, Action Blocks make it easy to leverage the work that has already been done. You no longer have to start back at square one. 

Moreover, Action Blocks help to create a better experience for system admins and users as well as employee end-users. Action blocks help to ensure faster roll-out of new services and a common user experience across different processes or lines of business.

With Action Blocks Cherwell makes it easy for our partners and customers to share reusable components not only among themselves, but with each other. As we, along with our partners and customers, create more of these shareable components, the entire Cherwell community benefits.