Why ITSM Automation Is Key to Achieving Your Most Important Goal

Posted by on April 10, 2018


Whether you currently deploy an ITSM platform in your organization or you’re considering doing so, it’s likely that you have certain goals in mind:

  • You’re looking to increase the efficiency of your IT services organization
  • You’re hoping to enhance cross-departmental collaboration
  • You’re seeking to reduce operational costs while boosting ROI

These are just a few of the many benefits that an ITSM service platform can deliver.

But of all the goals you hope to achieve with your ITSM deployment, one stands above all others: improving customer service. After all, the ultimate goal of ITSM—the “S” in its name—is service. Or, to phrase it a bit differently, the ultimate purpose of ITSM is to serve the people that depend upon and use IT processes.

Ironically, sometimes the best way to help people is to remove them from certain areas of the equation.

Where Automation Can Help Serve…

We are living in the age of automation. With ever increasing frequency, tasks performed by people initially can then be passed on to machines that often perform them more effectively, accurately, and efficiently.

Though sometimes regarded negatively, the trend toward automation is not a knock against people. When done right, it’s a good thing. It frees people from the repetitive, mundane tasks for which we simply aren’t well suited. And it allows people to focus on tasks that require our unique strengths of creativity, empathy, and cognitive reasoning.

Throughout virtually every industry vertical, automation is at the forefront of massive change. It frees people up to do what we are suited to: envisioning and establishing new frontiers. That includes the IT industry. And it should include your ITSM platform.

ITSM and Automation: A Perfect Marriage

By its nature, ITSM involves lots of repetitive processes—the very sorts of tasks best suited to automation (and that people are often pleased to avoid). Consider a few common examples:

  • Password resets (which can consume up to 40% of service desk call volumes, according to Gartner)
  • Opening and updating tickets
  • Onboarding employees
  • Configuration management
  • Change management
  • IT financial management

Integrating IT process automation (ITPA) with your ITSM platform can automate, in part or in whole, these and many other tasks that routinely drain time, productivity, and energy from your staff.

The Benefits of ITSM Automation

Several years ago, Forrester predicted that the future of ITSM would involve automation. The Forrester report stated its case quite bluntly: “Adding automation allows you to be faster, cheaper, and at a higher quality.” And just last year, an InformationWeek article echoed the earlier Forrester piece: “…if routine requests for IT services could be automated, it would free up some of the organization’s most computer-literate workers to do more productive tasks.”

ITSM automation offers:

  • A reduction in costly, time-consuming human errors
  • Cost savings
  • Faster, more efficient responses to incidents and alerts

Ultimately, and most importantly, ITSM automation improves the user experience. The result is a cascading impact that can spur cost reductions and increased worker efficiencies throughout every niche of your organization.

Ayehu Combines ITSM with IT Process Automation

Ayehu’s intelligent automation and orchestration platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning algorithms in automating the manual and repetitive tasks of ITSM. When integrated with Cherwell’s ITSM, Ayehu makes it possible to:

  • Automatically open, update, and close tickets, and query tables in Cherwell
  • Leverage SMS and email for event notifications and escalations
  • Streamline and accelerate incident reporting, escalation, and resolution
  • Eliminate manual tasks (and the errors that inevitably result)
  • Ensure complete documentation of end-to-end processes
  • Reduce service desk chaos
  • Ease and automate many CMDB management tasks

Ayehu’s process automation software connects seamlessly with the Cherwell ITSM platform, can be installed on premise, and is easily customized for Cherwell users. When integrated with Cherwell, Ayehu provides all the benefits of ITSM automation.

Cherwell Makes It Easy to Incorporate Automation with ITSM

As with all of Cherwell’s industry-best partners, Cherwell customers can now easily implement Ayehu’s automation capabilities with the Cherwell platform. For more information, get in touch

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