Announcing the Climb to Digital Transformation Guide

Posted by on September 16, 2019

We often think of digital transformation as one single leap. You spend a little time planning, then you get ready, get set, and JUMP! 

That mental image can seem daunting to business leaders. Who has the time and resources to gamble on one big bet? Fortunately, that’s not really how it works. 

Digital transformation is more like a climb—it’s an ongoing journey with multiple incremental steps. And while the path may be steep, the return on investment is worth it. Compared to legacy companies, transformed businesses are more agile, more efficient, go to market quicker, and bring in more revenue.

While much of the discussion around digital transformation has focused on technology, a successful climb also requires a strategic approach, organizational buy-in, and IT leaders who are ready to lead the expedition. 

So the big question is: How is your organization doing on its climb? If you’re like most companies, you’re still setting up your basecamp (or homebase). Despite the enthusiasm about digital transformation, only 34 percent of businesses have a transformation program in place. 

Introducing the IT Leader’s Guide to Digital Transformation

To help CIOs and IT leaders get their expeditions up and moving, we created the Climb to Digital Transformation Guide, tapping leading CIO and IT leaders, analysts, and consultants for advice on how to assemble the right team, ascend over obstacles, and reach new heights in business performance. Here’s what you’ll find in this interactive, multimedia guide: 

Answers to your most pressing questions about digital transformation

  • How to gain a competitive advantage with your transformation strategy

  • How the CIO and IT department can lead the initiative

  • Essential steps to take on your transformation journey

  • How to account for the human equation in your initiative

  • How to get executive and employee buy-in for transformation

Insights from these leaders in digital transformation 

Get Ready to Reach Peak Performance in Digital Transformation

Wherever you are in your climb to digital transformation, our new Climb to Digital Transformation Guide can help you get to the top faster. Check out the interactive guide today!

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