Leading the Change Through Creativity and Innovation at the CGC18 Awards

Posted by on October 15, 2018

Celebrating CGC Winners

Congratulations to our Cherwell Global Conference (CGC) 2018 award winners Val Verde Unified School District, Kindred Healthcare, and Arriva PLC! During our recent Cherwell Global Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we held our annual CGC awards to highlight the amazing and creative ways our customers are using Cherwell Software to accelerate digital transformation and organizational efficiency.

The award categories were Best Portal Design, Best Business Outcome, Most Innovative Use of Cherwell Service Management, and Best Dashboard Design.

Best Portal Design: Kindred Healthcare

Kindred Healthcare

Kindred, America’s largest provider of post-acute care health services, provides care and support in the most appropriate care setting (hospital, rehab, or home care) for those recovering from illness or injury. Kindred initially launched their Cherwell platform in 2016 and their self-service portal, branded Kalliope, was designed to help more than 65,000 employees contact and interact with their in-house Customer Support team.

Kalliope was designed to be a Kindred employee’s one-stop-shop to find all the resources they need to solve their technology inquiries. Employees can submit inquiries online, search through hundreds of knowledge base articles, or even chat with a support analyst. In 2017, more than 45,000 inquiries were processed through the Kalliope portal. This saved more than 2,100 hours of labor for Customer Support analysts and allowed for 2,100 hours to be spent providing care to Kindred patients.

“We completed a major overhaul of our portal design coupled with a major upgrade. The effort was tremendous and we were very excited about our final product. Our portal provides a great customer experience and we wanted to showcase that,” shares Julie Riley of Kindred.

Best Dashboard Design Winner: Arriva Plc

Arriva PLC

Arriva is one of the leading passenger transport companies in Europe. Whether they got there by bus, train, boat, or bike, their UK-based IT Support team pulled a first place for the simplicity and clean design of their Cherwell dashboard. Arriva needed its new operations dashboard to be simple, effective, targeted towards the right audience, and use conditional expressions to help visually identify SLA performance in key areas.

The Arriva IT dashboard helps identify increased areas of focus and similarly; the dashboard breaks tickets down by operator, so workloads can be easily managed or balanced across the available resources. Clever grouping on key information of incidents, changes, and problems allow easy trend analysis and speedy resolution as the staff has all the key information readily to hand. Additionally, the drop-down filters allow Arriva's IT team to target performance in individual countries or customers.

As Arriva PLC’s Director of IT Services, Alan Sherwen, explains, “Cherwell and its customisable dashboards give our teams real-time insight into call queues, which helps us make customer-focused decisions around resourcing and priorities.”

Most Innovative Use of Cherwell: Val Verde Unified School District

Val Verde Unified School District

Val Verde Unified School District received the “Most Innovative Use of Cherwell” award for its use of Cherwell to automate field trip requests and keep students safe.

The problem the Val Verde IT team had encountered was that when a member of staff wanted to take a group of students on a field trip, they would fill out and submit a paper request form. Unfortunately, this handwritten form was often hard to read, might not be filled out completely, and there was no knowing who the chaperones helping on the trip actually were. Additionally, the approval procedure was lengthy, required several trips through the office mail, and was dependent on the availability of staff in office, resulting in some trips being cancelled as they was not approved by the deadline. 

To solve this problem, the team took steps to make a smoother process and recreated field trip information in their Cherwell portal. This included the information originally needed on the paper field trip request, an approval process to keep all the key players in the District in the loop on each field trip request, and a list of approved field trip volunteers from an existing internal system. Now, when a field trip request needs an answer, everyone has all the information needed to make an approval quickly improving speed, quality of the information, and compliance.

Best Business Outcome: Val Verde Unified School District

Val Verde Unified School District

When just one award wasn’t enough, Val Verde USD came back for a second!

The mission of Val Verde Unified School District is to create a positive environment that produces life-long learners. When the Val Verde Unified School District gave more than 20,000 students a Chromebook, they knew the devices might get damaged or need some troubleshooting to help keep them in the best shape. Val Verde received the Best Business Outcome award for saving 150 hours of instruction time that would’ve gone to teachers helping students with broken Chromebooks.

When a Chromebook got damaged, the student would bring it to their teacher or librarian to trade in their broken Chromebook for a loaner. This meant the staff member would have to stop what they were doing, open a browser tab and log into the Cherwell portal, retrieve the student’s info, and transcribe all this information into an incident.

Val Verde’s IT team had a goal to allow teachers to teach and make a more efficient process. To help reduce the burden on staff and empower their own students, the IT department utilized the Cherwell API to create self-service, touchscreen kiosk units that allow students to create the incidents themselves. A kiosk was then placed in each school library.

The district has already seen a tremendous impact from this implementation. In the seven months between November when the kiosks were implemented and the end of the school year in early June, almost 2,000 incidents were created by the students themselves.

It’s a Wrap!

Thank you to all of our amazing customers who entered the CGC 2018 Awards and attending the Cherwell Global Conference—and shout out again to our winners! It’s not too early to start thinking about your submissions next year for Clear 2019 in Nashville. Stay tuned!