Cherwell and CodePath.Org Join Forces

Posted by on September 12, 2018

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“I like to talk about the power of technology, how it allows you to chart your own course. Pursuing technology and entrepreneurship allowed me to take control of my career, mylife, and has lifted my entire family out of poverty,” sharesMichael Ellison, founder and CEO of CodePath.Org.

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A career path in technology is an opportunity that Ellison, as an entrepreneur and social change agent, is eager to pass on to others. He will share his story as one of the keynote speakers for the upcoming Cherwell Global Conference (CGC) in Colorado Springs on September 18-20.


Cherwell and CodePath.Org recently joined forces to create a 2019 internship program that will support underrepresented computer science students. This will be CodePath.Org’s first collaboration with a Colorado-based technology company.


“Expanding to Colorado also provides students from across CodePath.Org’s network, especially more rural areas, with a great alternative to Silicon Valley or New York,” says Ellison. “Cherwell is an excellent compliment to our existing partners like Facebook and Intuit who are leading the industry to invest more to develop the next generation of talent.”


CodePath.Org is a nonprofit organization focused on creating a significant, measurable impact in enrollment, attrition, and proficiency for underrepresented minorities in college computer science programs, nationwide. CodePath.Org offers programming courses, developed to teach professional engineers, which provide a missing and desperately needed layer of support for underrepresented computer science students.


Ellison understands the power of technology first-hand. Having grown up in poverty and facing discrimination at various points in his life, it was Ellison’s introduction to technology in college that gave him the autonomy and opportunity he desired. He became active in the technology, education, and nonprofit sectors to share the benefits he gained with others.


“I want as many people as possible to feel empowered like I did. Technology education is the best tool we have to quickly lift people out of poverty,” said Ellison. “I believe investing in technical skills is a game changer for anyone who puts in the time. With most skills, your career path is linear, but with technology, new tools create new possibility.”


In the future, Ellison would like to see more companies like Cherwell join to invest in specific college computer science programs to better prepare students for for the industry. To learn more, read the full announcement at our newsroom page.




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