Clearly Innovators: The Cherwell Users Paving the Way to Digital Transformation

Posted by on November 08, 2019

Cherwell Clear 2019 Award Winners

Every year, we award customers who go above and beyond in maximizing their service management solutions to deliver business value to their organizations in new and innovative ways. At this year’s Clear 2019 annual global conference in Nashville, Tennessee, we gave out awards to six organizations for their exemplary use of Cherwell software:

  • The Cherwell Wavemaker Award: John Hartshorn of Arriva & Chris Chagnon of Worchester Polytechnic Institute
  • Best Business Outcome: Utilize Plc
  • Best Dashboard Design: Imerys
  • Best Portal Design: Kingspan
  • Most Innovative Use of Cherwell: University of Wisconsin Madison

Read on to discover how these individuals and organizations optimized the business value of service management for their organizations.

Cherwell Wavemaker Award: Chris Chagnon & John Hartshorn (tie!)

Clear 2019 Wavemaker Chris Chagnon


“Every Cherwell customer is a Wavemaker in their own right, and every team deploying the software is full of champions making magic happen every single day. The Wavemaker award is especially humbling to me because it recognizes that the hard work and dedication toward improving the workplace is being seen by my co-workers, managers, and my peers in the Cherwell community.” —ITSM expert and winner, Chris Chagnon of Worchester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

New this year, the Cherwell Wavemaker Award was developed to recognize an individual in the ITSM industry that is soaring above the rest to deliver excellence and helping drive the organization to achieve their goals. The winner for the year’s award was a tie, between Chris Chagnon of WPI and John Hartshorn of Arriva Plc.

“Sometimes the dynamic between a product and a team give you belief that they will make a positive difference to your organization’s working practices. Cherwell was a great example of this, an outstanding product which enabled me to drive digital transformation within Arriva, whilst significantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our collaborative working practices. This is a tremendous recognition by the Cherwell User Community, and we are eager to build on our efforts to deliver further Cherwell-centered service improvements.” —John Hartshorn, Head of IT Operations and Clear 2019 Wavemaker Recipient, Arriva Plc.

Most Innovative Use of Cherwell: University of Wisconsin Madison

Cherwell Clear 2019 Award Winner for Most Innovative Use

“We were excited to submit our project for the most innovative use of Cherwell. We were proud of the work we’d done, and the value gained by federating vulnerability scanning into our CMDB. It was an honor to be selected as one of the finalists and humbling when we won. There are many organizations and developers who are doing great things with Cherwell. The win has inspired us to look at other innovative ways to use Cherwell." —Kevin Schmidtke of University of Wisconsin Madison

In 2018, University of Wisconsin, Madison’s department of Information Technology (DoIT) purchased and installed Qualys Cloud agents on 1,000 physical and virtual computers in their datacenter. Their team realized quickly that they needed a way to identify and prioritize the mission critical servers in order to focus their remediation efforts.

Their IT team utilized the configuration management database in Cherwell to store detailed information on servers, support teams, system administrators, and services. Now, all can view up-to-date vulnerability status of any server or service from within Cherwell. They can easily identify which servers are affected by newly discovered vulnerabilities and where to focus remediation efforts. Now, that’s an innovative way to maximize your Cherwell solution! 

Best Dashboard Design: Imerys

Cherwell Clear 2019 Award Winner Best Dashboard Design


“Ever since the first week using Cherwell, I've been fascinated with the potential of the application and have tried to push the envelope and try new things. I find the tool is so capable that generally the only limitation is your imagination. This award-winning dashboard is just one of those examples of my imagination becoming a reality using Cherwell,” shares Brandon Joseph, Cherwell ITSM Administrator, Imerys.

Imerys is a world leader in mineral-based specialties for industry. They operate over 100 mineral deposits throughout the world and continue to replace and develop our mineral reserves and resources. Their dynamic dashboard represents a 'single pane of glass' where one can see information about the number of incidents, problems, changes, customers, and more. Their dashboard also shows the sun and moon, as well as the day and night cycles realistically moving across the world. A pretty picture, indeed!

Best Portal Design: Kingspan

Cherwell customer Kingspan came in first for Best Portal Design. Kingspan is the global leader in high performance insulation, and they designed an external IT support portal that utilizes the Cherwell API. Their site embedded live chat functionality, and e-commerce functions with checkout ability from one’s basket. Kingspan’s site is being used globally by approximately 2,500 customers!

Their portal provides a clean, modern view of IT. With the addition of live notifications, their users don't need to find a specific area to get an update on what is happening with their ticket. Now, all updates are sent straight to their notification area available on all pages.  

Best Business Outcome: Utilize Plc

Cherwell Clear 2019 Award Winner Best Business Outcome

Finally, this last award category recognized the organization that is seen the biggest business boost after implementing Cherwell software. In the case of Utilize, we learned how using Cherwell was improving their customer’s experience and helping their employees be more productive.

Utilize is a top business technology partner across London, Essex, and Kent in the United Kingdom. Their integration of Microsoft Partner Centre with Cherwell has revolutionized some of their most time-consuming business processes and greatly enhanced their customer experience.

Previously, if their customers wanted to adjust or renew their Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions, a consultant would first have to create a quote and forward it to the customer for signature. Now, customers are able to use a Cherwell self-service portal for their own adjustments. Utilize Plc calculated that this development saved 120-man hours per month internally!


It’s a Wrap!

That’s it for our list of winners for this year’s Cherwell customer awards. If you’re interested in joining the Cherwell Community of innovators like those above, please visit our Community page.

Additionally, stay tuned for more information about Clear Europe taking place in London this March 2020 and soon we’ll have registration up for next year’s global conference, Clear 2020 in Denver, Colorado!