Cherwell Creativity: A Best Business Practice

Posted by on January 02, 2019

“Creativity is in Cherwell’s DNA. Our technology was built from the ground up to empower our customers to innovate without limits. This philosophy permeates every area of our business—including the Cherwell brand, which encourages innovation, imagination, and finding new ways to solve problems.” –Debra Brandt, Marketing Director

Creativity is predicted to be the third most important work skill by 2020 according to the World Economic Forum. Especially as technology and social media evolve, companies must find new ways to utilize creativity and nurture a culture of creation within the workplace to ensure success.

“Fostering a culture of creativity then turns into overall success for the company,” says Cherwell’s Creative Director, Benton Walker.

At Cherwell, we believe that creativity is a key component throughout our software, our people, and our strategy. We sat down with four teammates across Cherwell to learn more about how innovation plays a role in Cherwell’s success.

Benton Walker“When you walk into Cherwell’s HQ in Colorado Springs, you immediately get the sense that this company oozes creativity. Building the Aspen Lounge with an actual Lego wall shows how Cherwell is not only about hard work but also about the importance of imagination,” says Walker. Cherwell innovation spans across more than just our visuals. It is also essential for effective demand generation. With the constant inundation of ads and marketing materials, marketers have to get creative with how they attract attention. With a background in design and web development, he is the living embodiment of Cherwell creativity.

As the ultimate brand champion, Walker ensures that all of Cherwell is laced with correct colors, logos, images, and more. With our recent rebrand, he was responsible for transitioning many of our Cherwell materials into our new look and feel.  

Debra Brandt“We have to be clever about how we reach and engage with prospective customers, while ensuring that each touchpoint is meaningful and positive. As a marketer, I like to embrace the art of the 'unexpected'—whether it’s using humor, captivating imagery, or new mediums—without ever losing sight of our responsibility to inform, educate, and offer value,” says Cherwell’s Marketing Director, Debra Brandt.

Being inventive and creative isn’t just necessary in our materials, but it’s also essential at company events. Our Senior Manager of Global Events, Ida Pennymon, is in charge of making certain that Cherwell conferences are interesting and relevant to stand out to prospects in a busy stream of information. Creativity is a big part of the event experience to stay competitive.

Ida Pennymon“Everything from the theme, to the types of speakers, to the name of the sessions is carefully thought out with creativity in mind to ensure that we are ahead of today’s standards. Creativity is a vital part of the global events that we do. People who work in technology are always looking for exciting and next level information and experiences. It’s our job to deliver that,” says Pennymon.

But what about innovation and creativity outside of marketing?

It’s a common misconception that technical roles don’t need to apply creative thinking. In fact, many of these tech roles are booming with creative needs. Let’s take a deeper dive into how technical roles in Cherwell utilize creativity as well.

“I’ve been practicing UX for over 20 years. When it comes to creativity, I believe Cherwell is more encouraging and more empowering than any Fortune 500 company or startup I’ve ever been around. It’s not just the UX team, it’s strategy, product, and engineering,” says Chris Paddock, Cherwell’s UX Director. Paddock explains how many people assume UX is all about making interfaces look more appealing, but truly the creative part of UX lies in the problem solving.

Chris Paddock“Once information is internalized, the problem solving begins, that’s when we get creative. We try to keep in mind that there could be hundreds of good answers. Ultimately, we’ll turn all that information into three different potential design concepts: One that is very conservative, one quite radical, and one in between. What gets built in the end is almost always something that borrows from all three concepts, and making those disparate components work as a single cohesive solution takes a bit of creativity unto itself,” he says.

Our UX team works hard to arm the entire company with user research so that all creative ideas can be strategically applied. When it comes to UX innovation at Cherwell, often when our UX  team presents design concepts, our partners encourage the team to push beyond the scope and add new features, which further contributes to that creative process.

Marc RussoFinally, Cherwell creativity is also found in our solutions consultant’s corner, representing a vital part of their day-to-day work. Solution Consultant Marc Russo shares how being able to convey an image or idea and deliver that to a customer is what allows Cherwell to turn objectives into reality. “Since the beginning, Cherwell has always placed emphasis on creativity and leverages the value from the those outcomes to build a better tool and experience for our customers. It’s this creative spirit that pushes me to think beyond the norm and explore new possibilities,” says Russo.

Overall, the Cherwell creative process is alive and well, infiltrating all aspects of Cherwell teammate’s every day work. And of course, creativity is also heavily entangled in the power and flexibility of our different software solutions. If you want to learn how, check out our products page to watch a demo.

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