There’s a Badge for That! Announcing Cherwell’s New Digital Badging Program Rollout

Posted by on January 28, 2020

Cherwell Digital Badging Program

“For organizations and for learners alike, keeping up with the demands of today’s complex, demanding and rapidly evolving workplace means a commitment to lifelong learning. And digital badging is one way to reward learners who are acquiring new skills.”- Sarah Pakstis, Harvard Business Publishing

Were you ever in Cub Scouts? Or perhaps you collected Beanie Babies or baseball cards? Regardless, the urge to have a full collection is only human nature. Now, you can satisfy that need with your Cherwell Certifications as well!

Digital badging was created in 2012 and is widely used in games, apps, professional organizations, higher education, communities, and in the workplace. Our Cherwell Learning Services team recently announced a new digital badging program for our employees, customers, and partners. We spoke with Carol Donnelly, Director of Operations for Cherwell Learning Services, to learn about the new program.

“Digital badging is a fun, relevant, and efficient way to reward the accomplishments of, and relationships with our customers, partners, and employees,” shares Donnelly. “The new Cherwell digital badging program will help those in the Cherwell community to play an active role in leveraging their credentials to better serve clients and customers, advance their own and team’s careers, and even discover new opportunities.”

We recently partnered with Credly, a world leader in the digital badging platform that runs on the Acclaim platform. From Credly, you can share your Cherwell badges on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also share badges over email, and embed them in a website or your email signature.

Cherwell’s first four digital badges will be available in late January. Then in late February, another 14 will be rolled out into our Cherwell community ecosystem. Below you’ll discover the different types of badges that we will offer, and how you or your organization can get certified today.

For Customers and Cherwell Users

Our goal with the program is to acknowledge the hard work and effort that goes into becoming a Cherwell certified professional! Through Cherwell Learn courses, users can earn a badge in the following:

  • Certified Professional Administrator
  • Certified Professional Designer
  • Certified Professional Engineer Associate
  • Certified Professional Support
  • Certified Professional Engineer
  • Certified Professional Instructor

The meta data infused badge takes the guesswork out of what each credential means. When searched or clicked on, your badge reveals the verification in real-time, the qualifications to earn the credential, and information about Cherwell.

For TAP and Channel Partners

We are grateful for our partners! The new Cherwell digital badging program also seeks to establish the novelty and level of prestige that goes into being one of our Technology Alliance or Channel partners.

Your badges are easily portable, shareable, verifiable, and secure. All of these badges are infused with metadata information that is easily shareable and verified. Below are the types of certifications offered to our partners. To learn more about the partner program, visit our partners page.

  • Technology Alliance Partner Associate
  • Technology Alliance Partner Elite
  • Technology Alliance Partner Premier
  • Authorized Resell Partner Associate
  • Authorized Resell Partner Elite
  • Authorized Resell Partner Premier
  • Authorized Delivery Partner Associate
  • Authorized Delivery Partner Elite
  • Authorized Delivery Partner Premier
  • Authorized Support Partner Associate
  • Authorized Support Partner Premier
  • Authorized Support Partner Elite

For Cherwell Teammates

As an FYI, the digital badging program is also open to Cherwell teammates who are seeking to become Cherwell certified! At Cherwell, we believe in offering the same level of quality experience to both our customers and our employees.

Looking for Your Badge or Want to Learn More?

Visit the Cherwell Learn page to learn more about our new program, how to view your badges, and more.

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