Cherwell HR Service Management: The Perfect Accompaniment to Your HRIS Environment

Posted by on May 13, 2019


At recent trade shows, I've been doing demos to introduce Cherwell's new HR service management (HRSM) solution. The buzz has been strong—and positive—but one question keeps coming up: “Why do I need Cherwell’s HRMS solution if I already have Workday?”

That's a revealing question! In fact, Cherwell's HRSM is designed to work with—not in place of—third-party HR information systems (HRIS).

So today, I'd like to talk about the joint value your HR department will experience with these solutions combined within a single environment, and give you a tour of some of the crucial capabilities Cherwell's HRSM solution has, along with how they'll help you meet common challenges.

Cherwell’s HRSM Solution & HRIS Applications Are Complementary, Not Competition

At tradeshows, people persistently mention what they have already in place: HRIS applications (like Workday, ADP, or UltiPro).

This software is essential—it provides a centralized repository of employee master data that the human resource management (HRM) group needs for completing core HR processes. A HRIS stores, processes, and manages employee data, such as names, addresses, or Social Security numbers, visa or work permit information, and information about dependents. HRIS systems typically provide functionality such as recruiting, applicant tracking, time, and attendance management, performance appraisals, and benefits administration. It may also feature employee self-service functions, and perhaps even accounting functions. Having a centralized repository for employee data typically removes the need to store paper files, which can be easily damaged or lost, and are slow to search through compared to a computerized system.

These big HRIS systems are the single system of truth for people information—they manage many behind-the-scenes, but essential, tasks involving payroll and benefits. In contrast, Cherwell HRSM provides Case Management, sharing information, when appropriate, with these other HR systems.

That is, Cherwell HRSM  serves as the front end to these HRIS applications, or the system of engagement. With it, both employees and HR managers have a single pane of glass to access HRIS applications and retrieve information when needed.

HRSM Addresses Common HR Challenges

Talk to HR organizations who have Workday, UltiPro, or other HRIS apps about what they’re doing for requests that come in from end-users, and you'll hear about a lot of manual processes. Requests are often organized with color0coded email folders or tracked via spreadsheets. We’ve also seen organizations try to do their HR Case Management on top of IT’s case management, which is just not a good fit. And for employees, they get frustrated because there are a lot of different systems but it doesn’t feel like HR is being responsive enough to their requests.

That's where HRSM can help: It creates a single access-point, and a modern tracking system—absolutely no sticky notes involved!

What Cherwell’s HRSM Delivers

Cherwell designed its HRSM solution as a purpose-built solution for HR service delivery.

Cherwell’s HRSM solution provides a consumer‑like service experience and increased HR productivity and employee satisfaction. This is made possible through a combination of the powerfully intuitive self-service portal, the persona-specific HR knowledge base, and out-of-the box shared services capabilities with pre-built automated workflows designed specifically for HR service delivery.

Cherwell’s HRSM solution combines ITSM and HR into a single solution to help customers address a technology and information gap in most HR systems which involves request, knowledge and fulfillment workflows. A significant benefit that HRSM customers realize includes resolving the majority of employee’s requests through the self-service portal—this frees HR leaders from dealing with ad hoc requests, allowing them to instead focus on driving key strategic HR initiatives.

Power Your HR Department's Digital Transformation with HRSM

Employees, like all digital consumers, expect HR to deliver services in a real-time and on-demand fashion. This is coupled with the reality that HR’s role is expanding beyond its traditional focus on talent management, process, and transactions. HR is quickly becoming an innovative consultant with a broader responsibility to design, simplify, and improve the entire employee and candidate experience.

Cherwell’s HR Service Management solution is enabling enterprises that are going through this HR digital transformation by integrating the variety of HRIS systems and applications on a single, purpose-built HRSM platform to drastically simplify and improve the overall employee experience. Cherwell’s HRSM solution was designed to enable organizations to streamline and automate the HR service delivery function leading to quick and efficient resolutions, and more satisfied and productive employees.

And, our solution provides numerous integration options with various HRIS options. Customers can integrate using our import and export functions or Restful API’s. Cherwell is also pleased to announce our new relationship with Jitterbit, a third-party cloud platform integration provider, for customers who would prefer to have Cherwell maintain these integrations for them.

Ready to move your HR department forward, improving HR efficiency and boosting employee satisfaction? Get to know Cherwell's HRSM solution.

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