Cherwell Is PinkVERIFY Certified for 11 ITIL Processes

Posted by on November 05, 2018

Cherwell Is PinkVERIFY Certified

After a lengthy and detailed process, we are proud to announce that this September, Cherwell Service Management once again received PinkVERIFY Certification for 11 of its ITIL processes.

PinkVERIFY provides a set of criteria on what to look for in an IT service management (ITSM)-compatible software tool, as well as verification that a particular software tool supports the best practice framework for ITSM. To achieve PinkVERIFY certification, vendors go through a rigorous assessment, satisfying 100 percent of the mandatory and integration criteria for each specific process.  

The process consists of three main exercises:

  1. Completing a master list of PinkVERIFY compliance questions for each ITIL process, consisting of about 40 questions. Responses must provide a detailed account of compliance, with supporting evidence from pictures, text, and links to satisfy compliance. Each question must satisfy the criteria 100 percent in order to achieve certification
  2. A formalized demonstration must be given to a certified Pink Assessor to provide proof of the capabilities and criteria asked for in the questionnaires. Cherwell’s demonstrations took a full week to complete.
  3. Full, published documentation for each questionnaire response must be shown, either by link, or physical display, to ensure that the certifying processes are properly documented.  

Cherwell's PinkVERIFY certificate

The 11 certified ITIL processes are:

Incident Management
• Request Management
Problem Management
Knowledge Management
Change Management
• Event Management
• Release Management
Service Catalog Management
• Service Level Management
• Service Portfolio Management
• Service Asset and Configuration Management
At Cherwell, we put a lot of effort into holistically supporting industry best practices such as ITIL 2011, while at the same time making our product an easy and adaptable gateway for customers to embrace these best practices.
Organizations that are shopping for a new or replacement ITSM solution have a resource to check for ITIL compliance thanks to PinkVERIFY. As Pink Elephant's website notes, "PinkVERIFY is recognized throughout the IT community as the assessment certification to achieve…" Gartner, Forrester, and other analysts rank ITSM solutions for their capabilities and functionality, but PINK certifies that processes are specifically aligned to ITIL standards. 

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