Cherwell Named a Top Company for Career Growth

Posted by on August 05, 2019

Cherwell Career Growth

The top three drivers of attrition for employees globally shifted slightly for the first time in fourteen consecutive quarters as compensation moved into the top spot, followed by career development opportunities and people management.” Gartner Global Talent Monitor Report, 2019

We are pleased to be named by Comparably as a Top Company for Career Growth in 2019. We scored the 16th spot on the list! To review the full list of companies recognized for this achievement, check out the full article in Business Insider.

This list represents the highest-rated companies for professional development and career growth, as indicated by employees, across industries. To receive this recognition, Comparably pulled from employee feedback and survey results to understand what top companies were offering in terms of career developments. The rankings were divided into 25 large companies (with more than 500 employees) and 25 small/mid-sized companies (below 500 employees) with the best professional development.

“Cherwell provides many opportunities for self-improvement, even in areas not directly related to my everyday job.”–Anonymous employee feedback result pulled from the 2019 Comparably survey

“At Cherwell we strive to create an environment where our employees are continuously learning, developing new skills, and growing professionally," says Jason Max, Director of Talent Management. 

That is why we also conduct company-wide training around ITIL lessons and our products; so that all employees are well versed within the industry beyond just the basics. Additionally, all of our learning services courses available to our customers and partners are available to our employees, free of charge. With one of our core values being Hunger, we believe in pushing our employees to achieve higher and continuously work to develop new skills.

We are honored to be recognized as a top company for Career Growth, and we recognize that there is even more we can do to continuously nurture our Cherwell culture and offer even more opportunities for our employees to succeed. If you’re interested in working for Cherwell, or you want to learn more about our workplace awards, visit our careers page

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