Cherwell Named Leader in Enterprise Service Management

Posted by on August 29, 2018


Last week, Forrester released The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Service Management, Q3 2018, the first ever analyst evaluation of the most significant enterprise service management (ESM) providers on the market. It’s an honor just to be included—but Cherwell did far more than that. The Forrester Wave named Cherwell as a leader in this group of IT service management (ITSM) providers that have expanded offerings into ESM.

Forrester notes that enterprise service management, which extends ITSM to departments outside of IT, is still in its early days. But ESM can still offer your organization many benefits—and the promise of even more to come as ESM evolves and becomes even more integrated with other organizational systems.

Why ESM Is a Boon to Organizations

Anyone who’s ever had a frustrating experience onboarding at a new company or struggled to make a request to the facilities department can appreciate the value of enterprise service management. At its core, ESM harnesses everything ITSM does so well: enabling users to make and track requests and solving any issues with both speed and quality.

“Creative applications for these tools, such as fleet management and facilities requests, were at first surprising to ITSM vendors, which mostly focused on IT-related uses,” said the report. But here at Cherwell, we saw our customers building many solutions outside of traditional ITSM on the Cherwell Service Platform. For over a year we have offered HR, Facilities, Security, and PPM solutions on our platform and have seen significant adoption.

As my colleague Chuck Darst wrote earlier this year, ESM leads to better service delivery, which in turn, results in higher customer satisfaction. Frankly, better results ensue when systems more sophisticated than sticky notes and spreadsheets are put in place.

And it’s not only your users that win when ESM is introduced to teams like facilities, security, PMO, and human resources. With ESM comes endless possibilities of process automation, which allows the whole company to operate with greater speed and efficiently. ESM is also hugely helpful for processes that require input from various departments—it establishes a central system for these requests (again, far superior to spreadsheets and sticky notes as a form of communication).

The Forrester Wave Verdict

Enterprise service management offers possibilities. And, while it may be early days yet, this AI-friendly technology will eventually intersect with ERP, CRM, BPM, RPA, and PPM, note the report, adding that the “interplay of these areas will drive business technology management strategies over the next 10 years.”

“Cherwell Service Management has emerged as one of the strongest new players in the ESM space, rapidly building a loyal user base,” noted the report.

In particular, Cherwell Enterprise Service Management was acknowledged for its:

  • low/no-code platform
  • dedicated PPM
  • modules geared toward facilities, security, and HR
  • data governance and compliance functionality

One of our big priorities is helping customers engage in digital transformation—using technology and data in all areas of their organizations, and not just within IT, to solve problems and operate efficiently. Our Enterprise Service Management platform is a bit part of this mission.

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