Cherwell Service Management 9.4 and the Transformation of ITSM

Posted by on June 22, 2018


"ITSM is shifting from a technical project mindset to a consumable product mindset."

—Gartner, 2018 Strategic Roadmap for IT Service Management

IT service management (ITSM) is essentially moving out of the back-office focused on effective delivery and operation of IT services to take on a broader service management role across businesses and organizations—with a guiding principle around providing a consumer-like user experience. This is bit of a mouthful, but aligns with the digital transformation phenomena modernizing the way services are delivered and guided by the user experience. It also aligns with the approximately 70 percent of Cherwell customers that use Cherwell Service Management (CSM) outside of IT. I further submit that this shift aligns with the success Cherwell customers have in configuring, customizing, and creating their portals, dashboards, forms, and One-Step automations. These are the customers that are flourishing with the “Cherwell can do that” approach.

With this transformation backdrop, more flexibility than ever is needed in how service management is presented to business end-users and performed by IT management and staff. Enabling this journey, Cherwell Service Management version 9.4 is releasing and will be generally available in mid-July.

Cherwell Service Management 9.4 Highlights

  • Transforming the user experience with new adaptable service portal and dashboards enabling easy configuration or creation of portal screens and dashboards that optimally fit a mobile phone, a tablet, a desktop, or larger user interface. This is complemented by new responsive user interface elements and capabilities provided in recent releases such as the new responsive service catalog and adaptive web forms.

image of Cherwell Service Management Dashboard

  • New unified One-Step automation engine enhances execution of One-Steps on web browser clients. Combined with other web improvements, this improves the choice IT staff has in accessing Cherwell Service Management from either a browser or the rich client.
  • Increased service quality with the new Cherwell Message Queue Service providing dramatic performance improvements when handling large volumes of email. This is complemented by recent enhancements to the Cherwell Trusted Agents for secure communications in SaaS environments.

Cherwell Service Management 9.4 offers several additional new capabilities such as mapping Business Objects to multiple external connectors which is especially useful for the Cherwell CMDB when it is integrated with or populated by multiple discovery sources. Other new capabilities include extensions to the RESTful API which simplifies basic functions against Business Objects. Complete coverage of the new release capabilities will be provided in the What’s New section of the product documentation (via the new Cherwell Documentation Portal). And, the Cherwell Video Learning Library will have short courses available on the new capabilities by the end of July.

Cherwell solutions such as the Cherwell Asset Management and recently introduced PPM solution, continued growth of the Cherwell Technical Alliance Partners, and other Cherwell and partner provided integrations and extensions further extend and enhance the value of the new release.

Whether you are just starting your ITSM journey or fully immersed in automating and transforming service management, Cherwell provides robust out-of-the-box capabilities and an easy to configure and maintain codeless platform. With a vibrant customer and partner community, Cherwell enables service desk teams to deliver value quickly and reduce total cost of ownership compared to other alternatives. Read more about how Cherwell is transforming the service experience

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