Cherwell's Cisco ACI Solution Increases Automation & Visibility

Posted by on February 01, 2018

Cherwell Solution for Cisco ACI Delivers Increased Automation and Visibility into Your IT

The modern, heterogeneous data center has changed dramatically in terms of IT advancements, complexity and scale and is still continuously evolving. Today’s data centers are made up of thousands of applications, supported by hundreds of infrastructure components and devices all sharing the same environment. A radical approach that abstracts this complexity from the enterprise and provides them with a flexible yet robust framework enabling them to focus on delivering business services to their customers and employees is the need of the hour. 

Cisco and Cherwell Software collaborated to create a solution that provides an accurate map of IT infrastructure and definitions as they relate to business services, offering a range of benefits and improving overall service delivery. Cisco reported about the collaboration on their Data Center Blog today.

Cisco® Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI™) is the industry’s most secure, open, and comprehensive Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solution. It radically simplifies, optimizes, and accelerates infrastructure deployment and governance and expedites the application deployment lifecycle. Cisco ACI provides an application-level policy model that abstracts the infrastructure details all the way up to applications, where the underlying infrastructure can be automatically configured.

We are excited about our collaboration with Cisco ACI for the value it brings to our joint customers, including:

Keeping a Clear View from the Top

An up-to-date Configuration Management Database CMDB is the core for a successful ITSM solution. Tracking the physical relationships and logical dependencies between items such as components, subcomponents, applications, servers, networks, and documentation enables a bird's eye view of the entire IT infrastructure.

Cherwell ITSM solution for Cisco ACI™ enables IT organizations to automatically update Cherwell’s CMDB with new inventory data including not only physical (Switches, Interfaces, Modules, Power Supplies)but ACI’s logical topology(Tenant, Application profiles, EPG, etc.) as well.  

Beyond inventory discovery, ACI End Point Tracking feature provides Cherwell’s CMDB with the most comprehensive end-point dynamic metadata including lifecycle, location, and downtime. Cherwell’s CMDB stays synchronized with changes happening in logical and physical configurations.

Reduced Down Time and Speedier Service

Cherwell ITSM solution for Cisco ACI™ closely monitors and tracks infrastructure incidents, service blackouts, and change requests, providing IT admins with most recent information for better root cause analysis thus drastically reducing the troubleshooting time.

Through the ability to provision and configure Cisco ACI components using Cherwell, a user can create, provision, configure and decommission concerned Cisco ACI components enabling enhanced support for enterprise change and incident management.

While orchestrating ACI changes in coordination with Service Management requests, Cherwell’s One-Step Manager enables automated responses to a change or an event.  Furthermore, orchestrating ACI changes from Cherwell and automating those changes increases productivity while reducing errors.

Efficient Operations and Optimum SLA’s

With a service-aware infrastructure enabled by the Cherwell ITSM solution for Cisco ACI™,  IT  admins are able to proactively and swiftly respond to day to day issues resulting in a more agile and robust IT operations.  Cisco ACI keeps Cherwell informed with an up-to-date view of all the information around services availability and their interconnectivity.

Armed with deep visibility and extensive automation, furthered with dynamic and accurate service mapping, IT admins are able to strictly enforce compliance allowing them to create realistic and achievable SLA’s.

The Cisco ACI integration will be available on the Cherwell mApp Exchange a community-driven online marketplace where Cherwell customers and partners choose from hundreds of extensions, enhancements, and third-party integrations. The mApp Exchange is available to all Cherwell customers for one-stop, codeless enhancements to any Cherwell Management Implementation. For more on the mApp Exchange, visit


Next up: Explore the Cisco ACI integration and other integrations on the mApp Exchange.

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