Crafting Cherwell Culture: A Recipe for Success

Posted by on November 30, 2018

Being a Cherwell teammate involves a balance of humility, a hunger for knowledge, a big heart for service, and a couple spoonfuls of honesty. We pride ourselves in crafting an environment that is warm, transparent, and conducive for innovation.

To ensure our recipe is just right, we sat down with some of our teammates to truly understand what being a member of the Cherwell family means to them, and what parts of recipe are necessary for cultivating the Cherwell culture.

1. A Dash of Good People

Debra Brandt“When you spend half your waking hours on the job, it’s that much more important to be surrounded by people you respect, admire, and draw positive energy from—and when I power down my computer at the end of the day, all that goodness flows into the other areas of my life.” – Debra Brandt, Marketing Director.


Chris Paddock“My feeling is that it all comes down to the fact that virtually every individual in this company cares solely about making a better product. From Sam, our new CEO, to Steve Rodda, our Chief Product Officer, to engineering, QA, training, support, documentation—the list goes on—that’s ultimately what everyone here cares most about. We all know there is a lot of room for improvement, but every person at Cherwell is working to improve our products every day of the week.” – Chris  Paddock, UI/UX Director.


Bernadette Guthrie“I like working at Cherwell because I believe in the company and the product but mostly because of the wonderful people that I am lucky to work alongside and learn from every day. My manager is supportive, encouraging, and allows me the autonomy to be creative. At Cherwell, my voice is truly heard.” – Bernadette Guthrie, Proposal Writer.

 Jessica Bella“My favorite thing about the Cherwell culture is the people. I am fortunate to be surrounded by smart, talented people who provide a great work environment and unlimited learning opportunities.” – Jessica Bell, Software QA Manager.

2. Two Tablespoons of Spirit

Ida Pennymon“Cherwell culture means having the freedom to be yourself, and having the space to bring your whole self to the organization. I’m responsible for ensuring that our global Cherwell events take into account the values and experiences we’re creating for such diverse groups of people so that they feel welcome and know that they are an important part of our community.” – Ida Pennymon, Senior Manager of Global Events.


Amit Chawla“What I love is the entrepreneurial spirit and meritocracy that gives me the platform to be successful and develop my sales career at Cherwell.” – Amit Chawla, Account Executive.


Sanket Shah“I work to cultivate a positive culture here at Cherwell with humor. Humor creates an upbeat atmosphere that encourages interaction, brainstorming of new ideas, and a fun environment…which is especially helpful since we’re spending a majority of our waking hours at work!” – Sanket Shah, Corporate Counsel.


3. A Cup of Work Remote Options

 Benton Walker“I appreciate Cherwell leading the way in not only allowing, but encouraging, employees to work remotely. As I create Cherwell materials each day from Montana and communicate with my teammates, I trust everyone I work with knows that although I’m not seeing you face-to-face, you are certainly much more than simply a name at the top of an email...we are a team!” – Benton Walker, Creative Director.


Stephanie Santos“My favorite Cherwell perk is the flexibility to work from home, come in late, or leave early when necessary. This trust in my work ethic makes me want to work harder and longer so I don’t disappoint those who put their trust in me.” – Stephanie Santos, Customer Experience Manager.


4. A Pinch of Fun Office Environments

 Kelly Webster“We spend so much time at the office, so it’s vital to me to really make the office a happy place so everyone enjoys coming to the work. For example, I love bringing in lunch on occasion because everyone deserves to be recognized for all the hard work they are doing for Cherwell. It helps create positive attitudes.” – Kelly Webster, Senior Executive Assistant.


Joseph Barzizza“As a bonus—the free drinks and snacks that we have in the office are very helpful when you have a long or stressful day!” – Joseph Barzizza, Global Payroll Manager.


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