Device42 Launches Updated Integration with Cherwell

Posted by on January 10, 2019

Device 42 Integration with Cherwell

Device42, Inc. released the latest iteration of its Cherwell integration, which enables users to populate their Cherwell Configuration Management Database (CMDB) with IT assets and infrastructure data auto-discovered by Device42. This latest release can additionally sync Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) data from Device42 to Cherwell, which technologists can turn to for insight while working on a range of common issues.

Users of the integration can attach assets synced from Device42 directly to their Cherwell service requests, providing IT staff with a more complete picture of each issue. The addition of ADM data to Cherwell helps IT staff work more efficiently, automating some of the research around service requests, helping home in on a root cause.

An IT technician can open an ADM visualization to quickly identify exactly which machines and services are involved with a machine attached to a service request. Engineers, too, can rely on this information to automate common IT processes using Cherwell, Device42, and other tools in their IT stack, and IT managers can consult ADM data to validate change controls, eliminating guesswork and reducing risk. Dependency diagrams offer a complete understanding of all the machines and/or services that are or will be affected by a planned maintenance, making validation of change control plans faster and at the same time ensuring no dependencies are missed.

Device42’s auto-discovery and application dependency mapping gather the data synced by this integration. Together, they create a near-real time map of an organization’s IT deployment, including hardware, software, network, services, and supporting infrastructure, with clearly identified interdependencies.

Download v2 of the Device42-Cherwell integration from the Cherwell mApp Exchange

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