Delivering a Superior Employee Experience with Native Mobile Applications

Legacy ITSM

Editor's note: This guest post comes from PowWow Mobile, a sponsor at Cherwell's upcoming conference, Clear 2020 Virtual

Excellent employee experience is the key to increasing productivity, driving better business outcomes, and navigating your company through the current pandemic. Over the last decade, multiple studies have shown that engaged employees are more productive and in turn, drive more revenue.

Still, recent research by StarCIO on behalf of Cherwell and PowWow Mobile shows among business leaders in North America, 47.6 percent of employees are not having their help desk expectations met. The good news is the combination of Cherwell and PowWow Mobile provides consumer-grade employee experience—and can be implemented in as little as two days.

Out-of-the-Box Solutions

Our offer is simple: What if you could have a fully mobile enabled version of your Cherwell ITSM suite this week, giving your employees the experience they deserve with no need for upgrades, form designers, or complicated roll-out plans? Our SmartUX solution includes native mobile apps for Cherwell that are published on your app store of choice, can leverage the features you know and love in your device, and are ready to install today.

ITSM Native Mobile Apps:

Requester: For users requesting IT services

  • Create, track and submit service requests in three clicks or less
  • Quickly connect with IT Service desk via mobile chat, messaging, or calling
  • Overcome home network, connectivity, or login issue via your Cherwell Mobile app

Fulfiller: For IT service providers or technicians

  • Manage service ticket queue and workflow from anywhere
  • Find, assign or resolve any ticket in three clicks or less
  • Leverage the phone's built-in GPS to log and find tickets in your area quickly

Approver: For managers that need to approve services

  • Enable Managers on the go, with an easy review and approval tool
  • Approve service requests, system access, procurements, and more in seconds
  • Communicate with both the requester and fulfiller of the service request easily

Customize for Your Organization

In order to make employee experience optimal, it is critical to give your employees only content that is relevant to their needs. Implement our out-of-the-box applications with the level of customization you’re used to in Cherwell.

Our solution includes SmartUX Studio, our powerful design environment that makes customizing your applications easy, letting you provide custom features and enable the unique workflows that make your business run efficiently. You can visually construct beautiful and intelligent apps without writing a single line of code.

Go Beyond ITSM

Our out-of-the-box solutions are customizable and allow you to begin transforming your employee experience, but better employee experience shouldn’t stop there. SmartUX allows you to extend the power of consumer-grade employee experience beyond IT service management (ITSM)—allowing you to modernize multiple processes including onboarding, time cards, sales dashboards, facilities management, and much more.

Are you ready to launch your company’s mobile experience? Download our apps, or meet with our team for a custom solution.

PowWow Mobile is one of our valued Cherwell Partners and a sponsor for Clear 2020 Virtual — be sure to connect with PowWow Mobile during the conference. For more information about this year's virtual experience, visit the conference website and reserve your spot.