7 Tips to Enjoy Your Time at Clear Connect London

Posted by on May 10, 2019

Not long to go until our Clear Connect London conference, taking place 4th-5th June. We've really looking forward to this big event—and we hope you are as well.

At this conference, you can expect some great conversations with thought leaders as well as knowledge-packed sessions and plenty of networking opportunities. You’ll certainly be busy at the event, so we've got some tips for you and your team to maximise your experience and get the most out of the conference. That way, when you go back to your organisation, you'll have plenty of practical knowledge and strategic insights to share with your colleagues.

1. Set Goals 

What do you want to accomplish at this event?

Think through what you'd like to learn—then look for sessions that meet those needs. Look through the attendee and speaker list and note anyone you'd like to meet. 

2. Review the Schedule and Sign Up for Sessions

 You can view the Clear Connect London agenda in advance and sign up for sessions to reserve your place. Create a short list of sessions that'll be meaningful for your growth and development, as well as your organisation. 

3. Use the Event App 

We're a tech company—of course there's an app for this event! In the mobile app, you can see your personalised schedule, learn about our exhibitors, reach out to other attendees, and much more. (The mobile app will be available the week before the event, and we encourage you to download it.)

4. Divide Your Team 

If you're the only person from your organisation attending Clear Connect London, you'll have to make a lot of tough choices when it comes to sessions, since you can't be everywhere at once. If you've got team members at the event, resist the temptation to travel in pairs or as a group. Strategise about the session schedule, and split up so you can get even more out of the event. That way, you can bring more knowledge back to your organisation. 

5. Make Connections 

At the end of each session, take the opportunity to introduce yourself to the speakers or start up a conversation during coffee or lunch breaks. Throughout the event, make it a point to meet new people and get more information on the topics you find most interesting.

6. Make the Most of London

We chose the event location carefully—close by are a wide range of London landmarks, such as Big Ben, the London Eye, the Tate Modern. 

7. Attend Social Activities

There's so much you can learn during a session. But you'll be surprised how much you can get out of conversations with peers, too. Not only can you build your network but you just might also discover that a peer has solved an issue that's frustrated your organisation for years. 

Learn more about what to expect, and take a peek at the agenda, on the conference website

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