How to Increase Your Risk Management Protection AND Decrease Your IT Service Management Overhead

Posted by on February 14, 2018

How to Increase Your Risk Management Protection AND Decrease Your IT Service Management Overhead

Managing the IT services of any organization is a complex, difficult task (especially for your organization, you’re likely thinking!).

Contributing to that complexity is the simple fact that there are many different components to IT Service Management (ITSM). Determining which of those ITSM components is most important would be a difficult process—and, to a degree, an exercise in futility. Like the links in a chain, the failure of any one component significantly damages the effectiveness of the whole.

But one component of ITSM can surely be considered to be especially crucial: risk management and compliance. And unfortunately, this component of ITSM will only continue to grow in importance.

Risk Is Only Getting Riskier

Many organizations that have failed to keep risk management top-of-mind in recent years have paid a fearsome price for that negligence.

Maintaining a lax attitude about risk management is a great way to score lots of free PR—but not the kind you want. Lax risk management on the part of several household-name brands (Equifax, Target, Uber, Whole Foods, Yahoo, and many more) has resulted in some painful PR black eyes, with the entire planet serving as a ringside audience for each PR takedown.

And the risk is only going to intensify, at least in the near-term. A recent CIO article sets the tone for the future with its ominous opening sentence: “If you thought 2017 was a dire year for data breaches, wait until 2018.”

The article spotlights some of the most dangerous near-term threats:

  1. Cybercrime-as-a-Service
  2. The Internet of Things
  3. Supply Chain Vulnerabilities
  4. Regulatory Changes (particularly in the European Union)

It’s not all gloom and doom; there is some good news: There are many excellent tools available for managing risk. Choosing and deploying the best of those tools can protect your IT organization from much of the risk you face.

But, back to the bad news: Each new tool you bring onboard is yet another tool to manage. Each new tool you add to your IT management toolset increases your IT management burden.

Except when it doesn’t.

Enhanced Risk Management Without Increased Management Complexity

When does an additional ITSM management tool NOT increase your management workload? When that tool is managed by another tool, thereby relieving you of that management burden. That’s what Cherwell’s mApp solutions do for you.

mApp solutions are codeless applications that extend the capabilities of the Cherwell ITSM platform. Simply put, that means that you can add new functionality to your ITSM without increasing your management workload. You can simply select and download an mApp from the Exchange that offers the desired capability. The mApp will integrate with your existing Cherwell platform, and voilà, you’ll instantly have the enhanced capability you were seeking. And the Cherwell platform will manage it for you.

Cherwell’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) is one of many mApp solutions. This mApp provides a comprehensive solution for managing:

  • Compliance
  • Governance
  • Risk
  • Security Operations

Perhaps most importantly, Cherwell’s mApp solutions are capable of integrating with many of the best third-party applications for each component of ITSM. And for risk management, there is no better than Brinqa.

Brinqa Brings the Best in IT Risk Management

Brinqa Risk Platform is a powerful tool for the collection, correlation, and analysis of security data. It’s designed to deliver actionable insights, streamline security processes and automate common tasks for InfoSec organizations of all types. Brinqa applications leverage an organization’s existing investment in systems, security, and governance programs to identify, measure, mitigate, and monitor risk.

Brinqa helps organizations reduce response time to emerging threats, impacts to business, and technology risk and compliance costs by more than 50 percent. Brinqa accomplishes this remarkable feat through a range of risk-management innovations, including:

  • Dynamic Risk Models
  • Intelligent Connectors
  • Realtime Risk Analytics
  • Prioritized Remediation
  • Automated Actionable Insights

Brinqa has been recognized as a leading provider of cyber-risk management through honors such as selection to the Cybersecurity 500 list and the Global Leading Cyber Security Companies. And, with mApp, your organization can quickly and easily incorporate Brinqa’s outstanding risk-management capabilities into your Cherwell platform.

Enhanced Risk Protection. Simplified Management. What More Could You Ask For?

You could ask and receive much more.

Cherwell’s mApp offers the same easy-integration/simplified-management—and with third-party vendors, like Brinqa, that lead the industry in their field of specialty—for all components of ITSM, including:

  • Security
  • Dependency Mapping
  • Change Monitoring/Configuration Drift
  • CMDB
  • Cloud Management
  • Performance Management
  • Identity Management

mApp can add capability to your ITSM platform without increasing management workload. But it’s also likely that mApp can decrease your current management workload by incorporating capabilities that currently vie for management attention, like those in the list above. Incorporating those capabilities into your Cherwell platform through mApp will place those management tasks on autopilot, relieving your staff of those management burdens.

Managing the IT services of an organization is never going to be a particularly easy job. But for most companies, that task is for more complicated, time-consuming, and headachy than it has to be. And that probably includes your company.

Cherwell’s mApp solutions can change that for you. Today.

Want to learn more about incorporating Brinqa’s risk management capabilities into your ITSM platform? Send an email to the Cherwell Technical Alliances team to schedule a conversation.

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