ITSM News Roundup: What’s Next for Healthcare IT?

Posted by on January 18, 2017

ITSM News Roundup: What's Next for Healthcare

What’s ahead for healthcare IT in the upcoming year? Concerns about data breaches and cybersecurity are top of mind for IT professionals in this industry (as they are, most likely, for IT professionals in all industries). Increased integration of machine learning, a continued embrace of the cloud, and engaging, consumer-friendly tools are some of the positive predictions for 2017. This week’s ITSM news roundup digs into the biggest trends in healthcare IT.

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How CIO’s prepare for tomorrow’s healthcare data breaches

Writing for CIO, Peter B. Nichols points out that data breaches have increased 50 percent in a five-year period, and walks through what data is captured, and how, outlining the biggest targets of attacks. With growing threats likely in 2017, Nichols recommends that CIOS “focus on mitigation, which is often just as useful as remediation.”

Find out how to prepare for healthcare data breaches.  

7 (plus 1) predictions for healthcare IT in 2017

Security is a big theme for Paddy Padmanabhan as well, who predicts more spending in that area than ever before in 2017. Plus, after two big, heavily reported healthcare startup stumbles in 2016, Padmanabhan anticipates that health-focused startups will be cautious and diligent about adhering to industry regulations.

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Bridging the Gap Between Big Data Science, Health IT Usability

A “gulf between theoretical data science and the harsh realities of clinical practice are at the root of the healthcare system’s ongoing health IT usability problems,” according to an article in Health IT Analytics. The benefits of big data-fueled decisions and utilizing predictive analytics are clear, but the urgent atmosphere in clinics, hospitals, and doctors’ offices often makes providers skeptical about adding another step to their workflow. Encouraging cooperation—between data scientists, health IT developers, and doctors (and other end-users)—is vital to incorporate insights from big data.

Discover ways to bridge the gap between the big data science and health IT usability.

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10 biggest weaknesses and lessons learned from cybersecurity in 2016

What behaviors and technologies caused the biggest cyberattacks in the healthcare industry? At Healthcare It News, Jessica Davis spoke with four security experts who shared the major threats of the previous year, including human error, outdated technology, ransomware, and the rise of cybercrime as an industry.

Discover the 10 biggest weaknesses and lessons learned from cybersecurity in 2016.

10 top healthcare information technology trends for 2017

What should provider organizations expect from technology? Health Data Management consulted industry experts, who anticipate big growth for the healthcare cloud computing network, a push for consumer-facing technology, EHR improvements, and much more.

Get the full list of the 10 top healthcare information technology trends for 2017.