How to Choose an ITSM Tool That Fits Your Needs

Posted by on August 27, 2020

Choose ITSM Tool

Is your organization searching for an IT service management (ITSM) tool? Is your organization planning to invest in a new help desk, service desk? Congratulations on embarking on this big, first step to lower costs, higher returns defined processes, and improved efficiency.

Where do you go from here? After all, ITSM tools do so much—but they are not one-size-fits-all solutions. Don’t focus on bells and whistles. 

It’s essential to identify the right criteria for selecting an ITSM tool. Asking the right questions will lead your organization to the correct answers and allow this software to reach maturity within your organization. 

Matt Klassen of Cherwell illustrates this point by examining software vendors on the market: There are more than 400 options available. But if your organization is interested in solutions that can meet immediate to advanced needs, Klassen says, the group shrinks significantly. 

“Then, if you look at how many of those are financially viable, they have an innovation cycle where they update software regularly, and they have a navigation customer base... now you are down to like five options,” he notes

Selecting a new ITSM platform is a significant investment for any organization. Make sure your company focuses on business needs as much as business outcomes. Because examining features and functions is not enough. 

Industry expert and analyst Stephen Mann identified examples of essential criteria for selecting an ITSM tool for your organization. Here are some of the tips Mann included in his report (you can read it here).

  • Focus on four ITSM-enabling capabilities: Self-service, knowledge management, automation, and reporting and analytics.  
  • Consider not only custom experiences, but employee experiences.
  • Is your ITSM tool supporting ESM? If so, Make sure ITSM capabilities are fully functional before sharing with other business functions. Also, confirm that the ITSEL tool can create new applications quickly and without incurring a significant expense. For example, low code/no code.
  • Fully research cost of ownership from all angles, from infrastructure and maintenance fees to integration and training.
  • Investments are more than money. Discover how much time your organization must invest in upgrading its solution. Time, of course, equates to financial investment.
  • Speaking of investment: Invest in an ITSM tool with a vendor that’s dedicated to future product development.

Choose the Perfect ITSM Tool

So many ITSM tools. So many options. It’s never been this challenging to find a solution that works for your organization. Yet Stephen Mann’s report can keep your organization focused on asking the right questions. 

Ready to learn more? Download the report, “The Top 10 Criteria for Choosing a Next-Gen ITSM Platform.”

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