Discover 3 Keys to Success from CIOs & Tech Leaders

Posted by on September 04, 2019

According to our recent Lawless Research survey of cross-functional work process integration practices, CIOs are most often the executive in charge of the Digital Transformation initiatives. This means the pressure is on for CIOs and Tech Leaders to take charge and elevate their organization to the next level.

So, what if you could get inside the mind of a fellow CIO or Tech Leader to ensure you were navigating change properly? If you had your peers all together in one space, what knowledge would be shared? Luckily, we were able to gather insight from some top-notch tech leaders in the space on what makes a successful CIO during the 2019 CIO Awards.

Put on by IDG, the world’s largest technology media company, the CIO Awards provided two days of networking with some of the nation’s top tech leaders, filling our brains with valuable knowledge during breakout sessions, and helping us get ahead of the trends that are emerging within the industry.

Discover the top three pieces of advice that are trending within the CIO realm that are helping tech leaders everywhere to successfully implement digital transformation.

1. Focus on Culture Crafting, Not Tech Talk

  • “Building relationships. It’s not about technology, it’s about people.” - Chiranjoy Das, CIO, Simple Tire
  • “This whole conference has been about culture. You have to listen to your staff, your customers, and middle management. Your ethical dilemmas is just trying to find that path to fair.” - Ursula white Oliver, Senior Application Developer, King County
  • “We want our tech to be fast, but we want our human relations to be more engaged.” - Terza Ekholm, Event Manager, Ring Central

2. Put Business Value & Solution Solving First

  • “It’s not the tool, fool.” - Zack Hicks, Chief Digital Officer & EVP, Toyota Motor North America; CEO & President, Toyota Connected North America
  • “The future is now. Think about how you connect services to the rest of the world—that’s the easiest way to get problems answered.” - Tanya Hannah, CIO, King County
  • “Learn how to create value with your customers.” - Robert Mythnaup, IDC Consultant and President of IIT business Dimensions
  • Put business first. If you’re not solving to solve a business problem, don’t bother investing. Don’t invest in tech for the sake of tech.” - Ravindra Sunku, Director of IT, Stitch Fix

3. A Strength Centralized Philosophy

  • “You have to be really flexible to empower people to use their strengths even if it’s not part of their position. When you start to see someone’s strengths emerge, push it! Get out of the way and leverage them.” - Chryste Hofer, Deputy CIO, Enterprise Solutions, City of Greensboro
  • “For tech leaders, the need to facilitate and inspire their teams to help diversity to find their voice and to establish a voice.” - Marva Bailer, Strategic Advisor, Splunk

A successful IT team is comprised of diversity of thought, experience, and skill set to provide a well-rounded group of digital transformation initiators. A successful transformation team is rooted in an established culture of success that is echoed throughout the rest of the organization. And finally, a successful team understands that at the heart of change is demonstrating the business value behind it. With these three key drivers, tech leaders can go forth confidently to start their transformation journey.

If you’re interested more resources to get started in transforming beyond IT, check out our survey results on work process integration or download the one pager on how CIOs are transforming the way we work.