Leveraging APIs for Better Customer Self-Service and User Experience

Editor's note: This guest post comes from sigmaGO, a sponsor of Cherwell's Clear 2020 Virtual Conference

sigmaGO offers turnkey managed solutions to end-users, technicians, and IT analysts that provide an interactive and intuitive customer experience. We have been successful in leveraging APIs to build countless integrated solutions between different applications which include Cherwell, ComAround, and SharePoint.

Why Is Leveraging API and 3rd-Party Integrations Important?

Leveraging and embracing APIs allow developers to focus on what’s more important—delivering improved functionality. Similarly, third-party integrations are important as they save time and money as companies don’t have to build and manage their own solutions.

How sigmaGO Leveraged API to Create Solutions for Cherwell

 sigmaGo utilized a solution called Postman which allows for team collaboration while working on APIs integrations.

An example of how  sigmaGo leveraged APIs was by creating a solution for Cherwell with geolocation functionality. The API here is leveraged from Google so that the latitude and longitude of tickets can be captured. Then, tickets can be sorted by their proximity to the field service technician. In addition, we are able to determine the location of field service technicians that are logged in to the sigmaGO native mobile app and their proximity to a high priority ticket (P1) such as a major incident or VIP ticket.

Leveraging API and web services call for 3rd party integrations. These integrations have sigmaGO to create a variety of solution for specific use cases:

  • sigmaGO worked with Excalibur Data Systems to create a solution for a Conference Room Booking App using the Cherwell platform. The solution is easy to use and comes with features that make it easy to manage and book conference rooms using iOS and Android devices.
  • Our solutions for Customer Self-Service include functions to converse or find support in multiple languages, perform approvals, select photos and upload them to the server, complete surveys, send password reset requests, subscribe to announcements, and much more.
  • Created a one-stop shopping native mobile app that allows users to get in touch with support analysts by using a built-in chat feature. The app has been proven to increase customer satisfaction and improved survey results.
  • Mobile applications for technicians to help them save time and perform a variety of tasks under one mobile app including searching for answers, creating, viewing and updating tickets with geolocation to easily find location-based assignments.
  • A Mobile-as-a-Service platform which leverages APIs for a highly intuitive and user-friendly experience. It integrates via the Cherwell RestAPI and can work without requiring middleware servers and software. The platform streamlines processes and improves the customer experience. It works on macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS devices.
  • Support to turn any mobile phone and tablet device into a barcode scanner utility. This makes it easy and fast to check in/out devices (configuration items).

As a technology alliance partner, we take pride in our solutions which showcase both mobile functionality and a streamlined customer experience. These extend the capabilities of Cherwell for adaptive designs, customer self-service, timesheet management, native mobile applications, third-party integrations, and custom web portals based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

sigmaGO is one of our valued Cherwell Partners and a sponsor for Clear 2020

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