Living Out the 4 H’s: The Cherwell Method

Posted by on March 08, 2019

Cherwell Values

As a company built on service excellence with a customer-first mentality, our Cherwell culture is heavily intertwined with our four core values of heart, humility, honesty, and hunger. 

Recently, Cherwell held our first quarterly Core Value Awards ceremony, celebrating the teammates who truly exemplifying one or more of our four foundational H’s. From that, we interviewed some of the nominees and winners of the Q1 awards to discover what impacts them to live out our values both in their professional work and personal lives. 

In this interview, we dove further into what our core values mean to employees, and the important role they play at Cherwell. 

The first core value, heart, means sharing our enthusiasm for the work we do and passionately pursuing others' success as strongly as our own. Cherwell’s Kristine Gavin, Administrative Assistant, was the recipient of the heart award for Q1. She explains how passion and care are at the forefront of employees’ minds at Cherwell, from caring for each other to caring for our customers.

Next up is hunger. At Cherwell, hunger is defined as growing constantly and making a significant positive impact for our customers, our partners, and ourselves. Roger Johansen, Product Strategist, shares how hunger is a key factor in scaling with our continued growth and expansion to a global view of service management.

While passion and tenacity are important, we also recognize the value in remaining humble in that we do. Our core value of humility includes respecting all and approaching every task with curiosity, not arrogance. Suzy Herndon, Director of Pricing, is a perfect example of humility at Cherwell. 

Last but not least, our core value of honesty means telling the truth—even when it’s difficult—and acting with integrity and authenticity. Ida Pennymon, Senior Manager of Global Events, is a prime model for what honesty means in our daily work with customers, prospects, partners, and one another. 


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