New Hire Happiness: Why Cherwell?

Posted by on January 30, 2019

New Hires on Working at Cherwell

“I chose Cherwell because of the people. I heard about the opportunity through a recruiter and once I met my team it was a no brainer. I’m so happy to be here.” —Kelly Webster, Senior Executive Assistant

One of the greatest stressors of the job hunt can be integrating into that new job once you’re hired. Service solutions such as Cherwell’s HR Service Management can help with automating onboarding and common human resources questions that pop up, but in the end it will be the people that help new hires feel welcome in a new environment. At Cherwell, we aspire for our new teammates to feel at home as much as possible. We sat down with some of our newer employees to discuss what their experience has been so far.

“Prior to starting at Cherwell I was happy and excited for the new opportunity. After starting, that feeling has elevated even more. In my 20+ years in the Denver IT market I have never felt more welcomed and comfortable in a new organization as I have at Cherwell. I cannot wait to see how our future unfolds,” says Ian Cole, SaaS Team Manager. Ian is less than a month into joining the Cherwell family, but has already felt the positive impact of being a team member.

“My experience as a new employee at Cherwell has been amazing so far. At first I was very nervous since I was coming from the retail and restaurant world. I didn’t know much about the software industry, but everyone is so friendly and helpful. The people at Cherwell have made my transition into software very easy,” says Kelly Webster, Senior Executive Assistant. Kelly has now been with us for five months, and has been a huge part of crafting Cherwell culture by incorporating new decorations, snacks, and events for our Denver office. 

“My first few weeks at Cherwell has been such a wonderful experience. I joined because of the people, team, and desire to work with a product that had service at its core. Everyone has been so welcoming and eager to help thus far; it really does feel like family here regardless of the work,” says Michael Euperio, Director of Technology Alliances. Michael is also about a month in, working out of our Denver office to develop our TAP program with relevant partners.

“So far as a new hire, I’ve had two really standout moments. One was a team happy hour we had to celebrate National Boss’s Day. It was nice to celebrate and laugh with my team outside of work. The second was during one of our All Hands Meetings where our CEO shared our goals behind automation and process improvement. This was huge for me because my team aligns directly to those goals. Hearing him say that further emphasized our purpose and made me feel welcome,” says Naomi Harmon, Salesforce Development Manager. Naomi is five months into her Cherwell journey, and has expressed her appreciation for our office snacks, work environment, and people who make it matter.

So, why should job seekers consider Cherwell?

 We asked one of our seasoned members of the Cherwell team to give us the number one reason why.

“We are a company that has tremendous potential and we are on the verge of breaking through to emerge as a leader in our field. It is an exciting time to be at Cherwell,” notes Joseph Barzizza, Global Payroll Manager.

At the end of the day, all of our employees, old and new, embody our four Core Values of honesty, heart, humility, and hunger. If you are interested in joining the Cherwell team, pop over to our Careers pages to learn more about our open positions.

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