Take a Look at New Features in CSM 9.6

Posted by on June 19, 2019

CSM 9.6

In early June, Cherwell made its Cherwell Service Management (CSM) 9.6 release generally available to customers. When you upgrade to this release, you will find that:

  • You can be more efficient and more productive in the tool itself, which boasts a new look and feel across 25 major objects, 16 supporting objects, and 18 dashboards, as well as the activity pane, toolbar, tabs, and splitter bar
  • You can scale and enable many users to access the portal anonymously, while enhancing customer satisfaction through Google Analytics
  • New third-party reporting integration with tools like PowerBI and Tableau improves reporting speed and accuracy within the tool
  • Customizations, such as localization, fonts, and themes, are easier to implement consistently across your application

CSM 9.6 Global IT Dashboard

Major Features in This Release

Form Redesign

CSM 9.6.0 will contain a new look for CSM Technician forms and well as for some of the dashboards. The new layout will improve usability while maintaining a similar workflow. Each redesigned form includes the following four areas:

  1. Default Form: Displays record ID number, status, and Created By information.
  2. Form Arrangement: Dynamically displays linked records (Child Records) that are in a relationship with the parent record.
  3. Form Area: Displays the form fields for the tab selected in the Form Arrangement. The Overview tab contains most of the information needed to perform the workflow for the Business Object being viewed.
  4. Actions List: Dynamically displays a list of actions that are available for the current record.

Activity Pane

You can now quickly view, search, and pin important activities for Major Business Objects using a new Form Arrangement tab called the Activity Pane.

Reporting API

CSM now supports the use of third-party tools by retrieving search data using the Cherwell REST API with Tableau and PowerBI.

Search Relevancy

CSM provides an extremely powerful search engine that now allows you to run a single-use Quick Search or Knowledge Search with results sorting according to their Relevance.

Log Viewer

Users can now view logs in CSM Administrator. Using the Log Viewer Utility, users can switch between logs, filter by log level, search, and export logs.

Horizontal Scaling

There are four services that now can be distributed to manage workloads: Automation Processes, Email and Event Monitor, Scheduling, and Mail Delivery.

Themes for Action Catalog

Themes can now be applied to action catalogs from the administrative client.

View Counter for Business Objects

The new View Counter allows you to incrementally track record views in a Major Business Object.

Anonymous Access in the Portal

CSM Administrators can now configure the portal sites to allow anonymous users to view business objects.

Google Analytics for the CSM Portal

Users can now track user selections, such as mouse clicks, in the CSM Portal.

Attachment Enhancements

Users now have the ability to upload and download multiple attachments and delete attachments from business objects.

UI/UX Enhancements

Toolbars have new modern icons and splitter is super slim.

Blueprint/mApp (Mergeable Applications) Enhancements

Additional functionality has been added to blueprints and mApps, including Security Configurations, Attachments, HTML Page Manager, Language Packs, Queues, Roles, Scheduled Items, Security Groups, and Twitter Accounts.


mApps can now be versioned.

Learn More

If you missed the “What’s New, What’s Next” webinar hosted on May 21, or if you want to learn more about CSM 9.6, then check out the following: