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Posted by on February 26, 2018


If you've seen the movie Moneyball, about the Oakland A's baseball team and their use of computer analysis to find underrated players, you may remember one of Brad Pitt's most memorable lines as he played general manager Billy Beane: "Adapt or die." (Watch the scene here.)

Sounds scary, right?

If you're involved in technology—whether you're a systems administrator or a CIO—that scene from Moneyball may appear all too familiar.  You’re like a baseball fan: You don't care about the process—you want the win. For your organisation, the win is having a system that meets your needs with speed and effectiveness. Not so easy, in a landscape crammed full of new technology, changing user demands, and as always, the need to accomplish more with fewer resources. Evolving to meet these demands is essential—but so too is tackling your organisation's current needs, from audit preparation to embedding effective processes to completing current projects.

How can you do it all? And how will your organisation be ready to tackle the changing landscape of enterprise technology?

Cherwell is here to help.

Join us at Cherwell EMEA Conference

At our upcoming Cherwell EMEA Conference (CEC), taking place at the Madejski Stadium, in Reading, UK, from 16-18 April, we'll be taking a deep dive into how you can prepare for the future, providing you with the tools, topics, and resources you need to tackle Enterprise 2020.

Here's how this conference will give you confidence in the face of changing technology:

Tailored learning opportunities: How do you get the most out of Cherwell? At CEC, you'll have an opportunity to soak up knowledge from peers and experts. Each day, there will be several breakout sessions designed to address your day-to-day challenges. Team members will be on hand throughout to answer specific questions and share tips and advice for using Cherwell Service Management. Senior executives and decision-makers can attend executive track sessions for best practices.

Future-looking strategies: How can your organisation flourish today, while preparing for the future? This question is at the core of the conference. We'll share how to deliver services faster and more effectively—and take advantage of the ability to extend them beyond the IT department.

Watch a video about the Cherwell EMEA Conference 2018:

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