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Security Orchestration

Editor's note: This guest post comes from BeyondTrust, a sponsor at Cherwell's upcoming conference, Clear 2020 Virtual

We all know in today’s society how challenging it can be to make sure our organizations are secure and up-to-date with the latest patches, anti-virus, and malware protection to name a few. Couple that with making sure our employees are up-to-date and trained on the latest security trends and security awareness to make sure they don’t fall victim, or become prey to cyber-attacks.

Now enter 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic. As you can imagine the disruption to businesses and enterprises both small and medium were grave. Companies had a 66 percent-plus remote workforce and were forced to embrace a new standard of telecommuting with their employees in order to maintain business continuity and revenue streams. As you can imagine, this was a tough task.

Most businesses and even large enterprises weren't designed to support a primarily remote workforce. Instead, most of these resources were provided in the confines of four walls and on a secure, controlled, and managed IT network.

An Open Window for Criminals

As business raced to adopt the new standard of working from home, cyber security criminals sat back in the shadows, plotting, scheming, and preparing for what was to come. As a result of the quick adoption by businesses and enterprises to enable their remote workers, several security considerations were forgotten, missed, and overlooked.

This is what the cyber criminals were sitting back salivating over. Several necessary decisions had security implications, which introduced a tremendous amount of security risks and unwanted exposure for organizations. Some of which they will be dealing with for months or even years to come.

Make sure your company doesn’t fall victim to these circumstances, which could have lasting effects as a result of a breech. Take into consideration the areas of risk, exposure, and even compliance mandates. Ensure the solutions you choose are secure and can scale. Adapt and be flexible as the company changes. It is no longer a matter of if we get breeched, but when, and being as prepared as possible for that moment is critical.

BeyondTrust's Remote Support Solution

BeyondTrust and Cherwell are best-of-breed solutions in complimentary spaces. Service desk challenges are common across all verticals and this creates a logical link between service desks and remote support solutions. Combining Cherwell with BeyondTrust gives customers and prospects the best possible service desk experience. 

BeyondTrust is a global leader in Privilege Access Management, which allows organizations to revolutionize how they manage and track privileged access. Currently Cherwell integrates with our Remote Support solution, but we are actively exploring further integrations with our Endpoint Privilege Management, and PasswordSafe solutions. These two solutions allow you to operationalize a world without granting admin rights to users.

Join our session with Chris Hills, our Deputy CTO, as we take a deeper dive into the security risks and considerations for Remote Worker.

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