Calling All Conference Goers: 4 Reasons I Come for the Sights and Stay for the Opportunity

Posted by on April 04, 2019

Clear Connect London

Let’s be honest. In our global marketplace, salespeople often get to travel to some really cool places. And while our employers don’t begrudge us a fun night out, they ultimately send us to conferences to bring home value for our shared business.

Pack those walking shoes and a map, but here’s how I win professionally, and personally, when I attend a conference.

#1. Gain the Inside Track

Your company makes critical investments in infrastructure, including the software and services it needs to execute on its mission.

When I attend a vendor conference, I feel like an international spy. I have a privileged opportunity to learn what’s coming next, before others in my industry even have a clue. I meet the people who create the products I use to promote and deliver my unique selling proposition and learn tips and tricks that help me maximize value from the IT assets my company relies on.

The ability to connect with the people who actually create products, hear their ideas, and pull back the curtain on how a product works—that’s invaluable.

Bonus:Conferences are almost never in boring places, so you’ll get to visit popular travel destinations.

#2. Ride the Cutting Edge

When you’re searching for technology trends, it’s time to hit the road. Conferences are ground zero for the innovations you need to stay ahead of the curve.

In tech, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are the big buzzwords. Central to digital transformation, they’re changing how technologies interact—from the service desk to the systems that run HR departments, facilities, product management, and communications. AI and machine learning reduce costs and create new revenue opportunities.

These terms aren’t new to me; I’ve talked about industrialization my whole career. What is computing, or what has it ever been, but machine learning and AI?

However, new capabilities are elevating our possibilities like never before. Attending an IT conference will break down the latest and greatest ideas into bite-size pieces and help you draw your technology roadmap with the guidance of trusted vendors and partners.

Bonus:Mostconference include extracurricular activities—special-access tours, events at must-see locations, receptions in top-tier restaurants—designed to give you a fun and unique experience in the host city.

#3. An Opportunity to Influence

When Cherwell hosts conferences, we find the other side of insider insight to be invaluable, too. We think we know what our customers want: we listen, we research, we experiment. But you tell us how it really works. We want to hear what you have to say. Use your voice, like I do—it’s a chance to be a real influencer.

A conference is a chance to drive how IT assets mature and grow. At Cherwell, we’re going to unveil the latest iteration of our software around the time of our Clear Connect London conference in June. 


We’ll offer conference attendees a glimpse into the future we predict for IT service and enterprise management, but we also want customer input to make those enhancements a success.

Bonus:Make your friends and family a wee bit jealous when they see how cool your work travel can be.

#4. Networking and Knowledge

It sounds simple, but it’s true: No one stays successful by sitting still. Conferences offer training sessions, inspirational speakers, deep-dive workshops, and chances to interact and learn from peers and industry experts. And, it’s all under one roof.

You can reconnect with those long-lost friends and former co-workers and meet the people who will help your company make its next steps. It can even feel like a reunion. Plus, it’s super exciting to be around other motivated and successful people. Meet the people who typically exist only in your e-universe.

Bonus:Traveling outside of your comfort zone offers incredible rewards. New food, new views, new friends, and a new way of doing things.

My Next Conference

Conferences are intense. Travel is condensed. Schedules are hectic. Make sure you have fun—both inside and outside of the conference center.

As Cherwell’s vice president for EMEA, I invite you to attend Clear Connect London and network with our community of customers and partners.These professionals tend to be agents of change in their organizations—expanding their use of ITSM software and extending its capabilities to drive growth.

When you attend a Cherwell conference, our goal isn’t to bring you onboard, you’re already here. Instead, we want to make sure your membership in the Cherwell family is both meaningful and valuable. Our meetings are a place to talk honestly about your needs, so we can meet them.

Clear Connect London will be held 4-5 June,2019 at the Park Plaza London Riverbank. If you want to share ideas about ways to get the most out of a service management strategy, connect with me via LinkedIn and let me know.  

Bonus:You get to meet me!

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