Remote IT Support Mode: Activated. Employee Experience: Initiated

Posted by on September 03, 2019

Remote Employees Take Advantage of Self-Service

“By 2020, 20% of organizations will include employee engagement improvement as a shared performance objective for HR and IT groups.” – Gartner, What Is Employee Engagement?

Employee experience doesn’t just stop at the HR office. It’s a continuous 365-day effort by all departments, and with organizations enabling employees across the global now more than ever, it is critical for IT to adapt to fit this trend as well. To provide that same level of employee experience across offices, spanning the globe, is a driver for IT departments to deliver the same quality of support remotely as they would in-person.

One of our Technology Alliance Partners (TAPs), BeyondTrust, is taking the lead in improving employee experience via remote support options, automated efforts, and self-service experiences. In a 2017 Bomgar (now BeyondTrust Remote Support) customer survey, 87 percent of respondents saw an increase of 10 percent or more in First Call Resolution, and 35 percent of respondents saw an increase of 25 percent. First Call/Contact Resolution Rates are one of the indicators of a better employee experience.

As IT services modernize to prepare for a digitally transformed future, the importance of self-service options for employees will continue to grow. Gartner not only suggests that organizations should focus on self-service, but that those that choose not to will not keep up or have the agility to meet digital business needs of a demanding industry.

 “Self-service is becoming the norm as customers increasingly expect an effortless experience at scale," reports Gartner, a leading research and advisory company.

Many times, obstacles such as disparate systems, fragmented data, manual service steps, and resource-intensive steps block organizations from effectively modernizing. Enter self-service, automation, and remote support options as a key component to breaking down those obstacles.

By utilizing the BeyondTrust Remote Support integration with Cherwell to visualize self-service in action, employees can embark on the most efficient experience, saving time and costs for all parties. But how do they do this?

With the BeyondTrust integration, the automation efforts enable Cherwell Service Management (CSM) incidents to automatically update with details from each BeyondTrust Remote Support session. Additionally, each BeyondTrust post-session survey results are automatically included in the CSM incident details.

Another feature of the integration is the secure remote and chat support capabilities that service desk personnel can offer live from any CSM module, and that end users can initiate via the Cherwell Self-Service platform. 

Interested in learning more about the capabilities of BeyondTrust and Cherwell? Visit our integrations page, or watch the recorded joint webinar on “Employee Satisfaction – The Gold Standard of ITSM Metrics.”

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