Making Music Flow at Clear 2019: Tech for Good

Posted by on October 16, 2019

Tech for Good at Clear 2019

“At our conferences and in the communities that we live and work in, we love having the ability to give back in any way that we can.” 
–CEO Sam Gilliland

At Cherwell, we believe in giving back to the communities around us and our annual global conference experience is no different. As a tradition, every year Cherwell makes an effort to engage our attendees, customers, and partners in a community event.

Being that this year’s conference was hosted in Music City U.S.A, it felt fitting to choose an activity that matched Nashville’s love of music. This year we chose the Quest Center, a non-profit music education and youth development center located in downtown Dickson, Tennessee. Their mission is to strengthen the community through music and positively influence the lives of children living in rural, lower-income communities through music programs. 


“Our sole purpose is that every child who wants to participate in music is given the opportunity to do so, end of story,” says Jim Lutz, founder and CEO of the Quest Center.

Cherwell Clear Community Event

Our team also partnered with the Country Music Association Foundation (CMA). The CMA Foundation is a national grant-maker in music and arts education located in Nashville. They are known for their national award events in the country music industry.

 “We are focused on making sure all students in the U.S. have access to music education. In order to do that, they need the tools necessary to succeed. And that’s where Cherwell came in,” shares Tiffany Kerns, executive director of the CMA Foundation.

Our conference attendees gathered into 10 teams, completing various tasks and challenges to earn points that they could then exchange for guitar pieces. Then, as teams raced to piece together their guitars, the competition got fierce. 

Teams had to ensure that their guitars not only worked when plugged into their amps, and also had to decorate the guitar cases to the best of their ability. We learned that although we had a room full of IT specialists and tech leaders, many also possessed artistic talent.

Cherwell Clear Event

In the end, the winning team was the one that assembled their guitar quickest and had the best-decorated guitar case. Participants were then serenaded with a performance from one of the talented former students of the Quest Center, Jessica Newton, further driving home the impact that this music program has on the local community.

Clear 2019 attendees ended up creating 10 guitars by the end of the event, which were then used that same day by the smiling students at White Bluff Elementary School. Overall, it was a successful and music-filled event, emphasizing our core value, Heart, within everything we do. Thank you to all the conference-goers that helped us make music flow for these kids!

Kids With Guitars - Cherwell Clear Event

If you want to learn more about our Cherwell Cares program or our available careers, please visit our jobs page. Stay tuned for more information to come about Clear 2020 in Denver and our community activity for next year.