Life Imitates Art, and So Does Technology

Posted by on April 17, 2019

Life and Technology Mimic Art

With the press of a button, the lightning-fast shutter of a camera captures multiple views of the same subject, but just one image turns out to be the perfect shot. When I started taking photos, I soon realized I wanted to focus on the art of photography and not on editing, so I found the technology to translate the vision from my viewfinder to a finished image.

Much of the business world today revolves around the IT tools companies use, and professionals get hung up thinking specific tools make a massive difference in outcomes. But like photography, it’s the photographer who makes the greatest impact, not the camera. We want our clients to be the photographers and not worry about the camera.


In art, the term point-of-view has two meanings: the physical position from which an artist sees a subject, or, the message an artist wants to send with a creation. IT service management (ITSM) and user experience also rely on literal and theoretical viewpoints. The development of any successful service delivery strategy relies on both perspectives.

At Cherwell, we help customers define the services they provide and to prioritize those services to build frameworks for what their businesses need to operate. We break down silos between departments—like finance, IT, and marketing—to establish the core flow of services through an organization.

I say to my team, “Always think like your customer. Ask yourself, what would it be like to use our products?” That way, we create service experiences that help customers realize their vision, not the one we have for them.


Truly valuable artwork is unique, as are the processes every business uses to achieve success. At Cherwell, our product doesn’t come out of a box or download from the cloud onto your laptop, phone, or tablet. We craft our services to meet the specific needs of organizations. ITSM assesses purpose, gathers the right materials, and measures the dimensions of a project to fit each company’s IT to a T.

We give our clients the tools to accomplish their initial goals—we put that power in their hands—but ultimately Cherwell’s solution is their clay to mold. It’s theirs to iterate as targets shift and business grows. We train our customers how to use our technology; we’re there when they need us, but ultimately our products become seamless extensions of their operations.

Our Next Masterpiece

If the past several years of technology served to refine existing ITSM to work faster and cheaper, our new era holds an opportunity to actually change how IT and industries work. In this novel movement, barriers within organizations won’t exist, so we won’t need to break them down. Service delivery solutions will encompass a consistent approach to success, across every function in an organization.

It’s our next masterpiece, and I’m so excited to work on it every day. We’re turning the one-dimensional approach to business into a vibrant piece of multidimensional, mixed-media art.

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