That Cherwell New Look and Feel Is Just a Few Clicks Away

Editor's note: This guest post comes from T4S Partners, a sponsor at Cherwell's upcoming conference, Cherwell Clear 2020 Virtual

If you're looking for that fresh look and feel Cherwell gave us all in the 9.6.0 and later versions, look no further! T4S Partners enables you to upgrade your old system with the new look and feel of Cherwell's modern user interface (UI) without a lengthy and expensive upgrade. We have completed over 100 implementations with great success and customer satisfaction.

Allow us 30 minutes to discuss our rapid approach and demonstrate our results, so you can get the new look and feel of your Cherwell system.

What Is the New Look and Feel?

Cherwell introduced the new look and feel by updating its user interface in version 9.6.0. This was one of the major changes to their system during this release. However, most of the current users did not see the changes because they were not automatically applied unless you implemented a brand new Cherwell system.

The new user interface features a cleaner look and a vertical design that allows users to work more efficiently.

To implement this, you have to specifically upgrade the new UI over the existing Cherwell system. This process may sound challenging but it is not difficult to implement with T4S expert guidance.

The Implementation

To access the new UI, you'll need to implement it in your existing Cherwell system. You can do this if your environments are local or hosted by Cherwell. Most users have a DEV and PROD. Some users also have a test system (TEST).

You will need to have at least one sandbox environment with the version of Cherwell that you plan to extract the UI from. The key is to make sure that all of these environments are upgraded to the same Cherwell version as the sandbox that you're bringing the new UI from.

Ultimately, you will extract all new forms to get the look and feel from the sandbox environment and copy them into your development environment. After updating the forms as needed for your business model, you can copy any newly modified forms into your production environment.

Please note that you will not receive any "content" updates when completing this implementation. However, you will receive all the platform upgrades that come with the version you are upgrading to for the new UI.

Who Should Perform the Implementation?

An experienced Cherwell administrator or developer can implement this new UI. It will take time, about two to three weeks, including testing, to complete this upgrade. You need to ensure that your administrator/developer has sufficient time to work on this project. Many companies collaborate with T4S Partners, Inc., who has extensive experience with this upgrade/implementation, as well as Cherwell systems re-implementation, and much more.

Please visit our website—we'll be happy to discuss any Cherwell upgrades, implementations, or re-implementations with you, including the new Cherwell look and feel.

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