Our New Tech Alliance Program Is in Tip-TAP Shape

Posted by on July 30, 2019

Cherwell TAP Program

Valuable tech partnerships and the integrations that develop from those partnerships are critical meeting the digital needs of our customers. That is why, with a continued focus on strengthening our partnership network, we rolled out our updated Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program.

This new program emphasizes a renewed commitment to developing partnerships that produce best-in-class technology integrations to better serve common customers and meet the growing market demand for streamlined workflows across the enterprise.

To learn more about what our new TAP program offers, we sat down with Michael Euperio, technology alliances director at Cherwell, to learn more about the program in a quick Q&A session.

What changes have been made to the TAP program that are better than before?

Glad you asked! The main program updates include:

  1. No-cost access to a technology alliance partner-specific learning path to support innovation
  2. Access to joint marketing assets and templates to accelerate and enable go-to-market initiatives
  3. Dedicated partner account manager and compensation for referrals, based on partnership level: Associate, Premier, or Elite

Plus, just like before, technology alliance partners will have access to a not-for-resale (NFR) license key to support development and integration efforts.

How will the new tiers you mentioned above be structured?

Here’s a brief rundown, but if you have further questions on our tier structure, we have more details in our partner resources, below.

  • Associate: This tier makes up the bulk of the technology alliance ecosystem and is comprised of companies of various sizes and use cases, which add value to a particular Cherwell implementation or set of customer circumstances.
  • Premier: Building on the associate level, premier partners are typically leaders in their respective segment with a significant overlap of common customers, and a rising demand for strategic use cases for those shared customers. At this level, referral activity is also taken into account.
  • Elite: At the highest tier, we look for partnerships that are bi-directionally strategic. These select companies are invited to this level to collaborate on a significant go-to-market opportunity.

What are you most looking forward to with the new TAP program?

We know from our research that integrations are a massive differentiator for information professionals in today’s workplaces. A recent study we did showed that information pros reported being significantly more likely to get more done, have an easier time performing tasks and have an easier time working with others. With the evolution of this technology partner program, we’re looking forward to deeper engagement with companies across the spectrum of technical enablement today. These relationships will, in turn, foster the development of additional integrations with best-in-class technologies and enhanced go-to-market activity. Our customers and prospects can expect more webinars and in-market events highlighting the uses cases, and business value, of the most important and in-demand integrations.

What are some of the requirements to becoming a Cherwell technology alliance partner?

Our TAP Program is focused on meeting the digital transformation needs of customers to make their delivery of services more effective and use of resources more efficient. We know that digital transformation is more about the transformation part than the technology and that’s why the partnership is vital. We must work together to enable seamless experiences.

By partnering with Cherwell, partners receive a not-for-resale (NFR) license key for Cherwell Service Management (CSM) or another required product; product documentation and limited product support; access to joint marketing assets and initiatives; and additional benefits depending on partnership level. Together, we can all make work flow better for our customers.

To become a Cherwell technology alliance partner, all prospective partners, regardless of level must:

  1. Sign a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (MNDA) with Cherwell
  2. Accept the Cherwell® TAP Agreement
  3. Develop and support a generally available, working integration with Cherwell® software within one year of the established partnership
  4. Maintain open lines of communication with Cherwell’s TAP team to ensure appropriate integration updates and go-to-market collaboration

Our TAP Program is an annual partnership and requires that partners meet Cherwell’s program requirements for renewal.

What are a few of the major partners in this program worth noting?

We have many valuable partnerships within our technology alliance ecosystem. Here are a few partners you will be hearing more about from Cherwell in 2019:

  1. AWS
  2. BeyondTrust
  3. ComAround
  4. Digitate
  5. Demisto – A Palo Alto Networks Company
  6. Everbridge
  7. FixStream
  8. Moogsoft
  9. PagerDuty
  10. xMatters

Where can interested potential partners go to get more information or apply?

Lucky for you, we have several resources if you’re considering joining our TAP partner program. Check these out:

To learn more about our updated Technical Alliance Partner Program, visit our partner page on our website or read more in our recent release.

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