Video: The Relationship with IT Is Crucial to Business Success — Here’s Why

Posted by on May 17, 2016


In this edition of Cherwell’s “Ask the Experts” series, we asked Julie Mohr, Jarod Greene, and John Custy what IT and the business need from each other in order to work together and thrive. Watch the video at the end of this article to see the interviews and hear their advice.

Although it’s common to examine how HR or finance are working with the business, sometimes we forget about IT. But IT, like any other aspect of the business, is an important part of the whole and should be treated as such.  In particular, communication and trust are vital to success. When either of those elements are missing the relationship will, inevitably, break down.

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This video examines the importance of the relationship between IT and the business. How can you work to improve communication and trust? What can you learn about each other’s needs and requirements? How can each make the other successful?

Watch the video to learn the answers, which are the keys to unlocking the value that a successful and productive relationship between IT and the business will yield.

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