Elevate Your Career: Learn Why You Should Attend Clear

Posted by on July 18, 2019

Why Attend Clear Conference

“Take everything you know about conferences out of your mind and instead prepare for a week of technical inspiration and exciting new ways to solve your business problems.” -Elliot Peach, CUNA Mutual, Cherwell Customer & Conference Attendee

It’s time to elevate experience at the 2019 Cherwell Clear Conference! This year’s theme is all about achieving a greater purpose and climbing higher within your organization, your personal life, and your IT team. This conference will take the concept of service, work, and customer experience to the next level. As a Colorado-based company, we understand that moving mountains for continuous innovation starts with the taking that first step to clarity. Our goal is to make sure that our community of users and partners are taking their teams and businesses beyond the norm—and ascend to the next level of IT and business success. Find out all the reasons below that you should get ‘Clear’ on attending our 2019 global event.

If you haven’t already registered for our global service management conference in Nashville Tennessee for September 30 through October 3, learn from our past attendees on why the love attending Clear. 

Elevate Work Flow

“What has surprised me is that when we were first vetting Cherwell, I had no idea what it would entail until we came to the conference last year and I was able to see how other users are using the solution. Blown away!”  -Heather Henry, Pulte Group, Cherwell customer and conference attendee

Clear 2019 allows you to dive in deep to your Cherwell solution and explore all possibilities with our offerings, beyond just IT. Whether you’re looking to expand into more of an enterprise solution, or just wanting to add a few mergeable applications (mApps), the conference is a great location to understand what’s available to you. We also offer deep-dive creation and developer sessions so that you can truly explore the capabilities of your Cherwell instance.

Elevate Learning

“It’s one of the best conferences I’ve ever been to, and it’s just about Cherwell, it’s about ITSM in a broader context, and about the industry…you get a personal learning experience.”  -Conference attendee

Our global conference experience isn’t just about what you can do with Cherwell solutions. It’s about continuous learning, understanding key industry trends, and gaining clarity on where our industry is going. This is your chance at a competitive edge to ensure you are the forefront of what is happening within the service management space.

“I’ve come to the conference the last 3 years now and have always taken away valuable information that I can easily apply.” -Conference attendee

Elevate Experience

“The highlight is being able to go sit down at every meal with a different Cherwell customer and ideate with one another.”  -Conference attendee

Most importantly, our conference is a chance for connection. Our hope is that you will be able to experience the best of Cherwell, connect with other likeminded peers in your industry, and foster an ecosystem of creation and continuous innovation. Use this valuable time to learn from thought leaders, industry experts, and others within the ITSM space.

“I think the user groups and the global conference are fantastic, these are two networking opportunities I definitely take advantage of.”  -Conference attendee

Clearly, Clear 2019 is a can’t-miss conference for those in the ITSM industry. Industry professionals, business leaders, and IT experts, we invite you to register for Clear 2019. To learn more about our upcoming conference, visit our conference website or follow the #Clear2019 on social media.

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