Case Study


Quick Wins for IT

  • Implemented Incident, Problem and Change in six days
  • Automated business processes save more than 9,000 man hours annually
  • Implemented Cherwell Asset Management, Service Catalog, and self-service portal within 50 days

The Challenge

Listed on the Australian stock exchange in 2006, Ausenco employs 2,800 employees in 29 offices around the world. Its 100-120-member support staff provides 24-hour follow-the-sun service desk support in Australia, India, Peru, Brazil, U.S., and Canada. Ausenco needed an IT service management platform that could improve service delivery and automate business processes within their global IT support and services business unit as well as their Australian facilities management team. Significant cost increases with their previous ITSM tool drove Ausenco to consider other options. Ausenco discovered that Cherwell® Software customers were remarkably loyal and that Cherwell Service Management® could be implemented and maintained at a lower price point while achieving more.

“I’ve implemented a service desk tool at every organisation I’ve worked in,” said Tim Morris, Ausenco’s associate director of information technology, APAC/Africa. “We wanted to do more, and more intelligently.

The Solution

Using LEAN / Agile Project methodology and with processes already mapped out, the multi-phase Cherwell Service Management implementation took only 50 days, with Incident Management, Problem Management, and Change Management implemented in a mere six days. Incident and Request Management was implemented for Facilities Management in Australia and IT globally.

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Ausenco also implemented the following ITIL® processes for IT services: Problem Management, Change Management, Software Asset and Configuration Management, Service Catalog, and Continual Service Improvement—all within the 50-day engagement. Also the organisation uses Cherwell to record projects in a LEAN framework, build dynamic dashboards, provide a customer self-service portal, and record resources and time against incidents, problems, changes, and tasks. Additionally, Ausenco configured Cherwell to manage requests for safety and office equipment and assets like security cards, car parking spaces, lockers, mobile phones, computers, printers, and other peripherals. Cherwell Service Management also tracks staff gym memberships and training events.

"Ausenco has experienced gains in efficiency that far outweigh the investment in the tool. Cherwell Service Management is used for many purposes within our organization, with team utilization in Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Brazil, Peru and Chile." - Tim Morris - Associate Director, Information Technology, APAC/Africa

The Results

Using Cherwell codeless technology, Ausenco’s internal employees are now able to manage and build business automation solutions on the Cherwell platform, eliminating the need to purchase additional software or expensive consulting services, saving the organisation more than $250,000 in the first year alone. “Our choice to implement Cherwell Service Management has proven to be a cost efficient option. The implementation and configuration costs are less than the consulting fees charged by other global ITSM vendors to assist with the development of only one new asset management process,” said Morris. Automating processes internally saves Ausenco about 9,000 man hours annually.

The software asset management functionality freed up one and a half full time employees while maturing the management of software assets. Another project, which automates user creation and termination processes based on payroll system data, saves about four hours of effort for each user’s account (6,000 man hours annually) while reducing data-entry errors. Additionally, Ausenco matured the management, reporting, and visibility of IT and facilities work, which enables stakeholders to measure the actual cost of delivering services, thus allowing them to make evidence-based decisions around resourcing and training.

The Future

The next project on the horizon is automating user provisioning/decommissioning processes utilising user information from Oracle HR/Payroll systems, Microsoft Active Directory® and Office 365. Additionally, Cherwell extensive use beyond IT serves as proof points for how easy it is to configure Cherwell to match the organisation’s needs, thus giving the team the necessary confidence to roll out other non-IT uses worldwide.

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About Service Quality

Founded in 2008, Service Quality is an Australian-based Cherwell Software partner whose team members are all ITIL v3 certified and passionate about IT service management for businesses like Ausenco. Service Quality is committed to leading edge, customer-focused technology that drives growth, value for money, customer satisfaction, business excellence, good governance, and best practices.