Case Study

State of Oklahoma

Quick Wins for IT

  • Implemented in three weeks
  • Able to reach out to 5,000 customers in one keystroke
  • Reduced travel 20%, slashing IT travel expenses 25%
  • Saved $50,000/year by building financial management system
  • Reduced IT production collisions to 0% with Change Management

The Challenge

Oklahoma Administrative Office of the Courts serves as the judicial backbone for the state’s 77 counties. The organization also administers the state’s entire judicial system and establishes rules of operations—including IT operations—for the state’s other courts. Serving as the IT hub for all county courts, Oklahoma Administrative Office of the Courts supports more than 5,000 customers across the state, handing all IT-related incidents, inquiries, and requests.

With an outdated service management system, the court was unable to effectively track incidents and follow up appropriately on tickets, leading to an overall lack of efficiency and organization. Following a formal bidding and evaluation process, the Cherwell Service Management® (CSM) platform was selected. Principal factors influencing the decision were long-term value, ease of implementation, and the software’s flexibility. “We’re accountable to the public to be sound stewards of taxpayer funds. Concurrent licensing and the ability to configure the system without developer-level resources saves us more than $100,000 each year,” said Shannon Singleton, technical support services manager, Administrative Office of the Courts

"Concurrent licensing and the ability to configure the system without developer-level resources saves us more than $100,000 each year." - Shannon Singleton - Technical Support Services Manager

The Solution

Administrative Office of the Courts collaborated with Excalibur Data Systems, a Cherwell Partner™, to map processes, develop a strategic implementation roadmap, train employees, and deploy CSM quickly across the state. Singleton recalls, “The rapid and seamless court process integration into Cherwell Service Management was impressive; our processes drove the application, not the other way around.” Additionally, the organization created an electronic signature portal and a self-service portal. They also leveraged CSM’s capabilities outside of IT—building a financial management system that saves the state $50,000 year over year. “Cherwell Service Management quickly became the common thread in our organizational tapestry—bringing order and efficiency,” said Singleton.

Picture of Oklahoma capital building

The Results

The newly optimized IT service design and architecture yielded immediate ROI. CSM connected departments, immediately placing business units on the same page with reliable consistency throughout all process lifecycles. Business automation rules reduced both errors and the time to complete tasks. Productivity rose 35 percent. “We’re now able to reach out to 5,000 customers in one keystroke,” said Singleton. “After implementation, our customers immediately began to receive the service they expected and deserved.

”Key performance indicators showed marked progress as well. Response times dropped to a fraction of what they used to be. A compelling change management component, easily implemented, reduced IT production collisions to 0 percent. Field technicians reduced on-site travel by a remarkable 20 percent, saving the organization 25 percent of IT travel costs.

Furthermore, easy-to-follow prearranged workflows with specific screens enabled support professionals to capture only pertinent information on first contact, without being unduly burdened with irrelevant fields. This information feeds real-time dashboards with actionable data that allows the team to get ahead of potential crises to mitigate risks.

The Future

With the release of Cherwell Service Management 5, the organization will likely turn some of their configurations into mAppTM packages and post them on the Cherwell mApp Exchange. Furthermore, with the ability to configure CSM on their own, the support team is excited to further extend CSM across the organization in seemingly limitless ways.

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