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Cherwell One-Step™ Actions

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Manual IT service management (ITSM) processes are not only inefficient, but they also limit the effectiveness of your service desk team. Performing manual workflows, whether simple or complex, result in miscommunication, errors, and wasted time.  In order for routine, yet important processes to be initiated and fulfilled effectively, workflows must be planned from start to finish and automated as much as possible.

Cherwell One-Steps, which are built into the Cherwell® Service Management platform, allow you to build simple or complex workflows without coding or scripting. With One-Steps, you can initiate one or more defined actions, such as sending email notifications, prompting knowledge article review, changing the status of records, warning staff of untouched tickets, and more.   By utilizing One-Steps, you can automate processes without relying on costly development resources— allowing your team to deliver services more quickly and cost effectively and freeing up staff to focus on more strategic initiatives.

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