Introducing Cherwell Service Management (CSM) 10.0

An Even Smarter Way to Make Work Flow

Transform your business one amazing experience at a time with Cherwell Service Management 10.0.

  • Smart Collaboration and Self-Service - Instantly bring the right people and resources together. Learn More
  • Omni Channel Access - Choose the experience that works best for you this time—and every time. Learn More
  • Intelligence Built In - Tell the virtual agent what you need to do and you’re already working on it. Learn More
  • Service Management for the Enterprise - Accelerate, automate, and integrate workflows across your organization. Learn More
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Smart Collaboration and Self-Service

CSM 10.0 enables real-time collaboration and accelerates incident resolution

Slack Integration

  • Enables an accelerated team support model connecting the right IT support people directly with Employees to provide the quickest resolution
  • Employees can raise and resolve their own incidents within Slack with the new Cherwell Slack App.
Slack and Cherwell Integration
Cherwell CORE Related Items

Related Item Navigation

  • Built-in intelligence directs technicians to related records, attachments, emails and chats.
  • Automatically delivers knowledge in context for faster resolution.

Real-Time Collaboration

  • Use related item navigation and slack for instant support and faster resolution
  • Provides more context, unexpected insights, and a quicker resolution to the issue.

CSM 10.0 - Choose Your Channel; Choose Your Experience

CSM 10.0 elevates employee experiences with the widest possible set of choices for raising and resolving incidents. Choose the channel that’s right for you and for others involved in your workflow.

For Employees

  • Service Desk - Call into the support desk or visit in person with full walk-up service desk capability
  • Web Portal - Access CSM 10.0 using a browser on your laptop or mobile device, with an adaptive and responsive experience on either
  • Email - Open a ticket to report a problem or request a service by sending an email to the CSM system
  • Slack App - Launch an incident, check incident status, or resolve an incident from within Slack using the Cherwell Slack App chat
  • CVA - Access the Cherwell Virtual Agent to launch an incident using natural language

For Technicians

  • Desktop App - Access the full set of capabilities for logging and managing incidents, reporting on status and results, and updating / modifying workflows as needed
  • Slack App Integrated Slack Chat - Create a dedicated channel to resolve an incident

Intelligence Built In

The Cherwell Virtual Agent (CVA) provides natural language access to the knowledge base and automated actions service catalog. Just say what you want to do and CVA goes to work, either providing knowledge support or implementing the automated next step defined within your environment.

Cherwell CORE Intelligence Built In

CVA helps with such common problems as:

  • Submitting a service request
  • Logging an incident
  • Updating incident status
  • Showing your devices
  • Resetting your password

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Introducing CSM Enterprise

Cherwell Service Management 10.0 introduces CSM Enterprise (CSMe), which brings a full suite of pre-built enterprise service management tools (ESM) together in a single product offering:

CSMe gives your business the tools you need to address service management challenges throughout the organization.

Unlike other ESM solutions, which require additional software licenses for each new capability, Cherwell Service Management Enterprise includes all of the capabilities listed above in a single license.

Each of the mApps, (mergeable applications) named above can serve as an out-of-the box solution or the basis for a customized solution modified to meet the needs of your business.

Provides faster resolution of issues and better alignment across different departments.

For a limited time, both CSMe and the CMSe + CVA bundle are available to existing Cherwell customers at a substantial discount.

Make the Move to CSMe

Ivanti Acquires Cherwell to Deliver Personalized Employee Experiences in the Everywhere Workplace