Learn from these top leaders in digital transformation:


Claire Agutter

Director, Scopism


Sally Eaves

CEO and Director, Sally Eaves Consultancy


Antonio Grasso

Founder/ CEO, Digital Business Innovation Srl


Stephen Mann

Principal Analyst & Content Director, ITSM.tools


Marlon Molina

Certification Officer, Computerworld University, IDG Communications España


Ian Moyse

EMEA Sales Director, Natterbox


Andrew Spence

HR Transformation Director, Glass Bead Consulting


Pierre Aeschlimann

Solution and Sales Strategies & Evangelist, Cherwell

Eight Technology Experts Share Insights about Technology and Cross-Team Collaboration


Most digital transformation efforts are derailed at one point or another. A common culprit? Team members who aren’t 100% onboard for the entire journey.

In many cases this is due to crossed tracks—different departments with divergent destinations in mind. Other times, journeys get stalled when obstacles aren’t cleared from the path—and, eventually, collisions happen.

To better understand the challenges and best practices, we spoke to eight technology leaders about the interchange between digital transformation and cross-functional teams. Our conversations uncovered a host of unique findings, from common goals connecting people and technology to how businesses can better optimize and accelerate by rallying around these objectives.

That, though, is just the beginning. We’ve distilled these insights into this comprehensive eBook.

Here, you’ll discover:

  • Expert strategies for getting—and keeping—team members on board during cross-departmental integrations
  • How to facilitate open communication across teams and departments
  • Ways to automate processes to ensure a smoother integration and, ultimately, company-wide roll out


This eBook also includes the latest research surrounding employee engagement and how technology impacts the transformation journey.

It’s time to get your cross-functional teams back on track—and that requires employees to be “all aboard.” Download our eBook now and gain the strategies and insights you need to rally the troops and move forward, together.


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